Hottie PRESENTS #8

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Published: June 6, 2013
==Hottie Presents: "The New Dick Tracy Show (Pilot)"==

Dick Tracy, while siting on his butt just like in the original cartoon, get's a call from the chief saying that the Klopman diamond has been stolen by Flattop and BB Eyes. Dick Tracy then uses his 2-way Wrist Radio to contact his newest sidekick "Mood Maid". Moon Maid receives the call on her Wrist Radio while Dick Track gives her the details, "I'm on it" says Moon Maid. Moon Maid uses her Air Car to track down Flattop and BB Eyes' car, she then chases them. Flattop then starts shooting at her. "Hold everything!" shouted Moon Maid as the bullet obediently screeched to a halt and waited, while the Moon Maid called headquarters for further instructions. "Calling Dick Tracy" said Moon Maid on her 2-way Wrist Radio, "This is Dick Tracy speaking" said Dick Tracy on his 2-way Wrist Radio, "I'm right on the perpetrators' tail" said Moon Maid, "Good" said Dick Tracy while sitting on his butt "I am counting on you", Moon Maid then activated the Air Car's force field and said ""Six-two and even, over and out", the force field then deflected the bullet after the action resumed. Moon Maid then made the Air Car shoot out an EMP ray at the car, disabling it. Moon Maid then land's the Air Car to the ground so that she'll arrest Flattop and B.B. Eyes. Flattop and B.B. Eyes try to escape but she electrocutes them, in a cartoonish fashion, by shooting electricity from her hands. She then cuffs them. Dick Tracy, who has finally got off his butt, arrives to apprehend the culprits and retrieve the Klopman diamond. "Well done, Moon Maid" said Dick Tracy. "It was nothing" said Moon Maid "By the way, how come you always let your sidekicks do the dirty work for you?", "I... don't know" said Dick Tracy. To be continued...
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UPDATE! (October 20, 2013): I have changed this story into a different story.

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Sounds just like the cartoon! :aww: i liked it.