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Published: June 4, 2013
==Hottie Presents: "Monster High 5: Power Ghouls - Part 1"==

"Chapter 1"

The night was humid in the town of Salem, Oregon. It was a normal town, except the fact that RADs and normies co-existed with each other. But little did the the people know, that deep underground was the lair of the evil organization "E.M.O.D." (short for the Empire of Darkness"). The organization was led by their empress, the evil Cat Tastrophe. Members include the werecats, Purrsephone & Meowlody, and the robotic EMOD Warfare Agents. Branches of E.M.O.D where located all around the world, one of those branches was located in New Your City with members including the Five Families. On her throne, Cat Tastrophe was thinking of ways to takeover the world. The next day, Julia Phelps was bitten by a radioactive mosquito. Julia soon discovers that she has super speed. Meanwhile, Claudine Wolf discovers a belt in a ditch, when she tries it on she gains superpowers (the powers are similar to that of Wonder Woman). One night Spectra Vondergeist is visited by aliens and give her a black case, inside the case is a superhero suit and an instruction manual. According to the manual, the super suit gives the wearer superpowers (the powers are similar to that of Superman). The next day at Merston High,Frankie Stein accidentally inhales hard water vapors after falling asleep during science class. Frankie suddenly gain super speed just like Julia. The next day Frankie, Julia, Claudine and Specra reveals to one another that they now have superpowers. Julia suggests that they become superheroes, the others like the idea. Later on our soon to be heroes hey design their own costumes (minus Spectra who already has a costume. Meanwhile Claudine orders a special shield on eBay that made of a gold titanium carbide allow. As soon a Claudine's shield arrives in the mail, the RADs become the "Power Ghouls". Frankie's super name is Voltageous. Julia's is Dead Fast (based off her favorite comic book), Claudine's is Wonder Wolf and Spectra's is Polterghoul. On their first day of crimefighting, our heroes spot two thugs trying to break in and steal a car. The Power Ghouls then step in and stop them. One of them tries to stab Wonder Wolf but she blocks it with her shield. Soon they outnumber and defeat the two thugs. Soon after they tie up the thugs, they call the police and run off. As soon as the the cops get there they arrest them.

"Chapter 2"

Leena Wolf has just got back from boot camp. One day Leena caught her big sister, Claudine sneaking out. When she followed her, she realized her sister was the Power Ghoul known as WonderWolf. She then knew what she had to do...tag along, of course. So she designed her own super suit, ordered a grapple gun online and became WonderPup, WonderWolf's sidekick. Meanwhile the Power Ghouls gain another new member, Frosty Storm (AKA Abbey Bomnable). Meanwhile the Power Ghouls hear on the news that City Hall has been held hostage by E.M.O.D. The Power Ghouls sneak into City Hall through the air vents (just like in Die Hard). When our heroes get inside, they fight off a group of EMOD Warfare Agents led by General Dragon, EMOD's 2nd-in-command. During an epic fight, General Dragon and his troops are defeated with ease and City Hall has been saved, but not before General Dragon manages to escape. The next day, Merston High gains a new student, a werecat name Toralei Stripe. While she seems friendly, little does everyone realize that she has s dark secret.  

"Chapter 3"

One day Frankie and her friends visit Lala and reveal to her that they are the Power Ghouls, much to her surprise. They then invite Lala to join the Power Ghouls and she accepts. Lala then visit Deanne Atoms, a teenage inventor who recently single-handedly deduced the secret identities of the Power Ghouls but promised to keep their secret. Lala asks Deanne to design a super suit for her, Deanne agrees. Some time later, Deanne creates a super suit with the following features, a bulletproof spandex, a utility belt, a palmtop computer built right in the left glove and a pair of boots retractable rollerblades & rockets. With her new supersuit, Lala becomes Vampgirl and becomes the new member of the Power Ghouls. The next day our heroes have learned that E.M.O.D. had kidnapped the mayor of Salem. Our heroes track down E.M.O.D. to their secret underground lair, while there they meet Cat Tastrophe herself. Cat Tastrophe launches a group of EMOD Warfare Agents at the Power Ghouls as she escapes. Voltageous and Dead Fast avoid the attacks using their super speed while Polterghoul uses her heat vision on them. The EMOD Warfrare Agents fire their rayguns at Vampgirl but they don't harm her cause of her indestructible outfit. Vampgirl figured this is the opportunity try out her utility belt. She looks down, opens a compartment in her belt buckle and notices some buttons, "ooh buttons" say Vampgirl, after she pushes one of the buttons a radio signal disables the robotic EMOD Warfare Agents. General Shadow then activates a self destruct mechanism before he and the rest of the members of E.M.O.D. escape. The Power Ghouls and the mayor manage to escape before the whole thing blew up.

"Chapter 4"

E.M.O.D. now has a brand new base of operations called the EMOD Fortress, a starship orbiting Earth. Meanwhile, the Power Ghouls meet a new superheroine named Nekohime. Out heroes invite invite Nekohime to join the Power Ghouls and she accepts. Meanwhile Melody Carver, who got back from the Leadfeathers tour last year in the fall, watches the Power Ghouls on the news and thinks that they look familiar. Meanwhile, during a fight with General Dragon, our heroes split up in an abandoned factory. Vampgirl gets lost and finally finds General Dragon. Unfortunately this was a trap. General Dragon then activates a device that pores super quick-drying plasture on Vampgirl, trapping her. Vampgirl resembles a statue made of plasture, she was completely immobile, she could not move at all let alone scream, or cry. During the fight with a bunch of EMOD Warfare Agents, Voltageous and the rest of the Power Ghouls were looking for Vampgirl. When they found Vampgirl, they were shocked at what happened to her. At first they fought she was turn to stone (or plasture), but then they realized that she was frozen in super quick-drying plasture. "Hmm, come to think of it, she looks kinda cute this way" says Nekohime as she takes a picture with her iPhone. "Seriously?" said said an annoyed Frosty Storm to Nekohime. Our heroes soon free Vampgirl. After being freed, Vampgirl gasped for air. Later that day, Miyu LaNeko, the secret identity of Nekohime shows Lala the picture of her, as Vampgirl, frozen into a plasture statue on her iPhone. "Your right Miyu, I do look kinda cute as a plasture statue, especially in my Vamp suit" said Lala. To be continued......
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