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==Hottie Presents: "Super Milestone Wars 2"==

Jan 9, 2012. Nat and Alex Wolff are performing the song "Illuminated" from their new album "Black Sheep" during a concert in Bryant Park, New York City, when all of a sudden a portal opens from the sky. Suddenly out of the portal emerges an unfathomably large flying ship, commanding the ship is Matt Pinfield and his 2nd-in-command, a recently revived Discord. This flying ship "called the Voidspace Gunship" then fires the main cannon, causing a dark bubble to appear in the distance, engulfing the entire Earth. The Earth then appears in a mysterious dimension called Voidspace with many other alternate Earths that have been sent here by the Voidspace Gunship. Nat, Alex, and the rest of the band then transforms into the Supetastic 6 and teleport into their moon-shaped starship, the "Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren Mk-II", which was back in their home dimension. What is left of Earth is a planet-sized Voidspace bubble. And so the Supetastic 6 head to other unverses to re-form "Supetastic 6 Unlimited".  

Feb 1,2012. A new Supetastic 6 Unlimited has been formed and are ready to confront the Voidspace Army. Meanwhile the leader of the Voidspace Army, General Hand, appears via TV screen on the Voidspace Gunship and orders Matt Pinfield to stop Supetastic 6 Unlimited from interfering with his evil plans. Meanwhile, Meta Knight forms his own team "Team Meta Kight", as do King Dedede with his King Dedede. Meanwhile, a video game addict named Matt Keene is approached by his favorite video game characters form a portal. They're names are Mario, Mega Man, Pit from Kid Icarus, Hilda from Pokemon Black and White and Simon Belmont. Mario asks Matt to lead them to battle against the evil Voidspace Army and he is is destined to become "Captain Wii", Mario then hands Matt a Wii Zapper. Matt accepts his destiny and leads the newly formed "Wii Team" into wherever.

Feb 14, 2012. It's Valentine's Day and Manny Rivera (AKA El Tigre) embarks on a solo mission to help his broken-hearted father. On his journey he meets a beautiful princess named Princess Cecilia. Manny introduces Princess Cecelia to Rodolfo (AKA White Pantera) White Pantera but he refuses to go any where near her as he was still in love with his ex-wife, Maria. Later Rodolfo warms up to Princess Cecilia and agree to go out on a date. Meanwhile Alison Cole (AKA Hottie) is also broken-hearted, missing her ex-boyfriend after moving to Japan (taking place after the events of Burning Ambition). Matt Keene comes over and comforts Alison, Alison kisses Matt's cheek after that. Later on both Alison and Matt agree to be each others Valentines and go out on a date. To be continued....

Mar 22, 2012. The battle between Supetastic 6 Unlimited and the Voidspace Army continues. Jenny Wakeman (AKA XJ9) joins the fight and starts her own team called "Team Jenny". One day Tad DeCartoon and the Justice Unit Patrol Squad are appproached by Space Sheriff Aka, the embodiment of the Metal Heroes. Aka gives them special bracelet, except for Tad which is given a gauntlet with a jewel encrusted in it, that grants them the power of the Original Generation Armor. With his Original Generation armor, Tad becomes Super Tad. Meanwhile a space pirate named Tovasco da Bolokia joins the ranks of the Voidspace Army. Tovasco appears out of nowhere and confronts the Justice Unit Patrol Squad. Tovasco then uses his Rappadriver to summon the B-Crushers. The Justice Unit Patrol Squad decide to try out their Original Generation Armors. After donning their armor, they use their power to fuze into the being "Watchman". Watchman fights and defeats the B-Crushers in an instant. Tovasco then flees.

Apr 1, 2012. The evil Voidspace Army has added the Fur UpRising, led by Major General Whiskers, to their ranks. Major General Whiskers also becomes General Hand's new 2nd-in-command, outranking With FUR on their side, the Voidspace Army are invincible, that is until TOM, the host of Toonami, joins Supetastic 6 Unlimited. During the battle, Space Sheriff Aka show up with his newly formed "Team Aka". Members of Team Aka include Goku, the crew of the Owtlaw Star, Tenchi Masaki, Heero Yuy, Roger Smith (the pilot of Big O), Yusuke Urameshi, the crew of Blue Submarine No. 6, Jimmy Sparks and his giant robot "Gigantor. With the combined might of Supetastic 6 Unlimited and Team Aka, the Voidspace Army is driven off, for now.

Jun 21, 2012. Other Mother sends Night and Day to attack Ryoko, Night extracts the Evil in everybody's heart in New York City, using it to create an Army of Shadow Monster's. When that fails due to Ryoko's light energy rods, Night/Heather infuses the Darkness into Ryoko reducing her back to her feral Demonic self. Able to hurl javelin's of Darkness, that turn people into shadows when hit, Ryoko then goes onto a rampage thru out Townsville. The powerpuff girl intervene only to be turned into shaodws. She nearly turns everyone into shadows, until Tom and the other show up. Tenchi desperate to save Ryoko, the other's preoccupied with fighting Night, Day and Heartless. tenchi infuses a Chaos emerald with a crown jewel into Dark Ryoko. The result is a large bright explosion, driving off The Heartless, Night and Day. Restoring all the Townsville citizens back to their true forms, however the energy from the Emrald had caused Ryoko to go blind, so The Beldam has gained a small victory.

Jul 10, 2012. The beldam see's her life-force Hourglass is almost empty, she needs to suck the life out of a young child or she'll fade away. Seeking out a child over abundant with life-force she scrys one in Gravity Falls, the young girl Mable is attacked by Isolus, The ice Warrior, freezing her solid to bring back to the Beldam's lair. Her Brother Dipper attempt to save her results in his leg frozen, he is found by the Naked Brother band by the side of the road. Hearing what happened they gather The Justice Unit Patrol in a sieg on the Other Mother's realm, all long and grueling battle takes place, with Mabel nearly drained of her life-force and the good-guys nearly defeated by the Beldam and her Warriors. But Mabel convinces Night/Heather that the beldam will just do the same thing to her, if she can't find a new source of life-force by the time the Hourglass runs out. Unable to bear it, the fact she's been enslaved to the beldam for 3 years, she extracts the darkness Ryoko's eyes which caused her blindness to fire a bullet of darkness at the Hourglass. The Hourglass shatters and Mabel is restored, while the Beldam crumbles to pieces and her world around the group, the heroes manage to escape but Heather/Night and Day/Alejandro are around. Still the Justice Patrol think they may very well see the two again in the future. But with the Death of the Beldam, the rest of her Warriors are still joined with The Voidspace Army and they won't take kindly to having a member of there's destroyed. So, Mabel, Dipper and their Great Uncle must stay with the Justice Unit in protection until the Voidspace is destroyed.

Jul 29, 2012. After the events of part VII, the combined forces of the expanded Supetastic 6, Team Metaknight and Team Dedede decide to take down the Voidspace Army once and for all. Our heroes enter and travel to the center of Voidspace where Castle B.B., the headquarters of the Voidspace Army, is located at. When our heroes were battling the Biggest Bad, the villain spread his ethereal wings and released his ultimate attack, the Omega Waves. BASSFF uses his force field to protect everybody. The Biggest Bad then prepares to use his Omega Waves again but his attacked by Rainbow Dash, shattering his wings and weakening him. After a long fight Captain Music throws his shield at the Biggest Bad, destroying his body as well as all of Vodispace while at the same time sending all the alternate Earths and other planets back to their respected universes. Epilogue: Within the Gravity Falls-verse, a snake is possessed by an evil entity, that entity is revealed to be the Biggest Bad's spirit. "I'll be back!" says the Biggest Bad.

Jul 30, 2012. The Naked Brothers Band is performing the song "Little Old Nita" during a concert in Bryant Park, New York City, when an enormous spaceship, interrupts the performance and threatens the audience with an army of faceless leather-suited foot soldiers, the Terlaemen. after the transformation in their superhero alter egos, the Supestatic 6 - Nat (Captain Music), Alex (BASSFF), Thomas (Pizza Man), David (Wonder David), Qaasim (Multi Tool) and Rosalina (Miss Conduct) - go to defend the world from the new threat to the multiverse, the Black Saltier Army. The expanded members of the Supetastic 6 also join the fight. Our heroes soon find out that the Voidspace Army, now led by General Hand, has joined the Black Saltier Army, as well as many other evil organizations.

Oct 15, 2012. A new version of the Supetastic 6 has been formed while Eragon forms his own team to combat the Black Saltier Army. The expanded Supetastic 6 use the Gokai Galleon as their base of operations, they also alter it so it can travel universes. The Supetastic 6 arrive in Slumberland to warn King Morpheus of the Black Salier Army. Nemo is also reunited with Princess Camille and they both share a kiss. The Nightmare King appears with an army of Stardust Ninja Dustards. The Dustards however are no match for the expanded Supetastic 6, The Nightmare King then flees. But then King Dark, the Infernal Dragon and General Zeong appear, The Gokaiger then form Kanzen GokaiOh,  Kamen Rider Decade, with the help of Kamen Rider Diend, becomes Decade Complete Form Jumbo Formation and an epic battle ensures.

Oct 31, 2012. It's Halloween and Meta Knight has recently formed a brand new Team Meta Knight, members include legends like Chuck Norris and Mr. T. Meanwhile, the Supetastc 6 visit Halloween Town and meet Jack Skellington. Meanwhile, with the combination of science and magic, the fiendish Dr. Natsano of the Black Saltier Army ressurects Oogie Boogie. Meanwhile General Reppir travels the Hocus Pocus-verse and, because he is a virgin on the count his species reproduces asexually, lights the black flame candle and brings the Sanderson Sisters back to life. Both the Sanderson Sisters and Oogie Boogie arrive at Halloween Town and an epic battle ensures. In the end, Oogie Boogie is defeated by the combined powes of the Gokaigers with their GokaiGalleon Buster, Gokai Silver's Gokai Supernova and Slash, Decade's Dimension Kick and Diend's Dimension Shoot. The Sanderson Sisters however just explode since the black flame candle went out on the count of it's dawn in the Hocus Pocus-verse. The battle is not over yet as the Gigant Horse arrives in Halloween Town and revives and enlarges both Oogie Boogie and the Sanderson Sisters. The Gokaigers then form GokaiOh while Gokai Silver Summons GoZyuJin, and at the same time Dr. Manhattan grows to gigantic size and Diend turns Decade into Kamen Rider Decade Complete Form Jumbo Formation. During the epic battle Team Aragorn arrive at Halloween Town. Gurren Lagann, Ben Tennyson as Way Big and Space Sheriff Gavan with Dolgiran After joins the mecha and Dr. Manhattan in the epic battle. After the epic battle Oogie Boogie and the Sanderson Sisters are defeated.

Nov 8, 2012. King Dedede returns with an all new Team Dedede while Space Sheriff Aka recruits Diana Lady, G-Stag and B-Fighter Yanma. Meanwhile King Dyce, the leader of the Black Saltier Army, decides to take on the Supetastic 6 himself. The expanded Supetastic 6 battle a line King Vyce right in the middle of Time Square in New York City. King Vyce proves to be quite powerful with his powered armor. It was recently revealed that Dyce's trans-dimensional mothership was his source of power and that it was connected directly to his armor. Finn and Jake, disguised as Terlaemen, mananged to infiltrate the mothership and lower the shields, allowing Team Aragorn. Without the ship, King Dyce's armor is rendered useless, thus allowing the Supetastic 6 to take him out.  Since Dyce is apparently still too powerful to be killed or put in custody in a populated universe, he's banished to a deserted planet in another universe. His ship is taken over by the Supetastic 6, now their new home base, and rechristened the Comicron-2. Although King Dyce is defeated. The Black Saltier Army is still on the loose.

Nov 9, 2012. Ever since the defeat of King Dyce, Matt Pinfield has been acting leader of the Black Saltier Army, that is until she returned. The evil Princess Jody is back. Jody, along with her husband, Prince Tom, boards the Gigant Horse, which is now the current home base of the Black Saltier Army, and becomes the Black Saltier Army's new leader. Princess Jody now leads an all out invasion on multiple universes.

Nov 23, 2012. Today was Black Friday and during that time, The Supetastic 6 are back to fighting the Black Saltier Army led by their new leader, Princess Jody. The Black Saltier Army now starts an all out invasion of the entire omniverse. While multiple hero factions like Team Aragorn, Team Metas Knight and Team Dedede fight the Black Saltier Army throughout the omniverse, The expanded Supetastic 6 fight then in front of Macy's at New York City right before dawn, and it is an epic battle.

Dec 11, 2012. In the Robotboy-verse, Tommy Turnbull, who has given up all hop of making Bambi his girlfriend, has become heart-broken. he curls up in a corner with a piece of Bambi's hair (don't ask how he got it) and two pictures of her. He then starts moaning in pain knowing that it's hopeless to win Bambi's heart. Tommy's mom, Debbie, tries to cheer him up but it's not enough. The next next day, after hearing about Tommy's sadness, Lola Mbola decides to admit his feeling for him once and for all, after she tell's Lola how Tommy that she's in love with her, he coldly, yet sadly rejects her. After that Lola begins crying and running back home. Later that night during bed time, the ghost of Kamina appears in Tommy's dream and  tell's Tommy that him and Lola should hook up, he then show's Tommy a vision of the future. In this future Tommy and Lola, now grown up, are happily married and have kids. The next day Tommy suddenly realises that he has feelings for Lola. Tommy searches for Lola and soon finds her, who is sitting down and crying, and, without warning, kisses her by surprise. Lola then stopped crying started smiling, she then kissed Tommy back. "I love you" said Lola. "I love you too" said Tommy. The two then hugged each other passionately. Meanwhile, as Tommy and Lola spend more time together, an explosion pops up. An armada of Black Saltier battleships appear in the sky and begin invading. Tommy and Lola head to Tommy's house to avoid the explosions. Tommy then activates Robotboy to combat the Black Saltier Army while at the same time unknowingly revealed Robotboy to Tommy's family who are shocked. Robotboy then fought and overpowered the Terlaemen but is soon overpowered by the forces of both Dai-Shocker and Dai-Zangyack. Robotboy is then saved by the combined forces of the Supetastic 6 and Team Aragorn. After an epic battle, our heroes drive the Black Saltier Army out of the Robotboy-verse. After the fight, Robotboy is now exposed to the world. In the end Tommy and Lola share a kiss under the mistletoe.

Dec 20, 2012. A giant moon sized spaceship eclipses the Earth but it's not the Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren. It is the Cathedral Terra Mk-II, the new flagship of the Black Saltier Army, it resembled the Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren only it was black and purple colored. The combined forces of the expanded Supetastic 6 (with their space ship, the Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann), Team Aragorn, Team Meta Knight and Team Dedede come to stop the Black Saltier Army. The Gigant Horse and the Crisis Fortress combine to form the Big Machine, then the Big Machine, piloted by Princess Jody, goes into the Cathedral Terra Mk-II and merges with it to form "Super Galaxy Big Machine". Arc Gurren Lagann then goes inside the Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren and merges with it to form Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann. The two moon sized mecha battle it out in an epic fight. During the fight, Simon notices a giant moon-size Stargate-like portal. Priness Jody reveals that it is a Plot Hole generator and she plans on using it to open a portal to the real world (our world) and invade it with an armada. She also say's that the portal will become active tomorrow, which happens to be DECEMBER 21ST, 2012.

3114 BCE. The year is 3114 BCE, and the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar has just been created. Nuff said.

Dec 21, 2012. The Plot Hole generator has been activated and a portal to the real world (our world) has been open. The Super Galaxy Big Machine, as well as an armada of Black Saltier warships,  prepares to enter the portal, that is until Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann stops it, another fight ensures. During the epic battle the newest member of the expanded Supetastic 6, Luke Skywalker, uses his X-Wing starfighter to shoot proton torpedo's into an exaust port, striking the main reactor and destroying the Plot Hole generator. The Black Saltier Army later flees. And so for the first time our world is saved thanks to the Supetastic 6.

Dec 22, 2012. An army of Roboforms from the Whoniverse, hired by Princess Jody, has invaded 34th Street. All of a sudden two magic wormholes appear out of nowhere. Out of the wormholes pop out two Santa Clauses, one is Kris Kringle from the original Miracle on 34th Street and the other is Kris Kringle from the 1994 remake. The two Kris Kringles are soon joined by Justin Bieber, Martha Stewart, Donald Trump, Carlos Santana and Taylor Swift. After that an epic brawl happens, it was the biggest brawl since the TGWTG Year One Brawl of 2009, the brawl happened right in front of Macy's. "It's time we had the final battle... for the last time" said Justin Bieber while wielding two machine guns. Classic Kris Kringle's weapon of choice was candy cane nunchucks, 94 Kris' was tho large sabres, Martha Stewart's was the katanas, Carlos Santana's was a arsenal of boomerangs (or Santana-rangs as he calls them), Taylor Swift's was a magic gun (similar to Linkara's but in the form of a modern day handgun) and Donald Trump's weapon was a flame thrower. Soon an army of Terlaemen join the Roboforms. "You're fired!" said Donald Trump as he uses his flame thrower on the Terlaemen. After the long brawl the calvary arrives in the form of the Supetastic 6. The Roboforms are soon driven off.

Dec 23, 2012. Twas the day before Christmas Eve and Rosalina is spending Christmas with her father in Paris, which make's Nat miss her dearly. If Nat doesn't find something to give him the Christmas spirit, it could ruin a benefit the band is holding for "Save the Children", which is hosted by Whoopi Goldberg. Meanwhile, Alex is in a competition with the adorable Timmerman Brothers to create the world's worst online Christmas video.
Later on during the "Save the Children" benefit, Nat bumps into a Leon Williams who he told him about his love problem. He replied, "Hey man, you can't mess your love with X's". Whoopi Goldberg makes an announcement and introduces Leon Williams who talks about how he and his family is poor—he and his family have lived without a roof over their head, have gone without food, but never lost hope. During Leon's speech, Nat gets his Christmas spirit back and writes a song called "Yes We Can", which he sings with Natasha Bedinfield and Leon Williams to end the benefit. The Benefit is soon interrupted when a giant robot invades New York City. the robot "Dark Neutro" is piloted by Dr. Natsano. The Naked Brothers Band, minus Rosalina, transform into the Supetastic 6 (5 without Miss Conduct. The Supetastic 5 then battles Dark Neutro. At first it seems they're outmatched but helped arrives in the form of Blythe Baxter and her animal friends. Blythe takes on the mantle of Miss Conduct while her animal friends take on superhero personas of their owns. Zoe Trent becomes Hit-Dog. Russel Ferguson becomes Kick-Butt, Sunil Nevla becomes Blue Mist, Vinnie Terrio becomes Big Gecko, Penny Ling becomes Night Panda, Minka Mark becomes Moon Monkey and Pepper Clark becomes Battle-Girl. Blythe/Miss Conduct then uses a magic coin she borrowed from Linkara and grow into gigantic size. Miss Conduct then throws her shield at Dark Neutro, desroying it, while Dr. Natsano escapes from an escape pod. After the benefit, Nat sends Rosalina an email postcard with three X's and when Rosalina replies, she replies with three X's. It puts Nat in a good mood.

Dec 24, 2012. The day was Christmas Eve and, in The Replacements-verse, and Jacobo Jacobo has just gotten Tasumi a Diamond Z4 ring for Christmas, that is until it was snatched by three cockroaches, Dee Dee, Marky, and Joey. Jacobo desperately tried to get the ring back but it was no use. That is until Sora (from Kingdom Hearts) came to help him out. Sora then get's the ring back and give's it to Jacobo. The Cockroaches then hop in to a giant robot (that was the size of a human being) and began to fight Sora. Sora was then assisted by Gokai Silver of the Gokaigers. Gokai Silver then transformed into Gokai Christmas and fought and defeated the giant robot. After the battle, Jacobo meets Tasumi and gives her the ring. When Tasumi saw that Diamond Z4, she started crying tears of joy. "Oh Jacobo... I love it" said Tasumi. Jacobo and Tasumi then started to kiss while under a mistletoe. "I love you" said Jacobo. "I love you too" said Jacobo. The two then hugged.

Dec 31, 2012. Today is New Years Eve and the final battle has begun... in space. Also Rosalina returns as Miss Conduct. Team Dai-Gurren decide to finish the battle by forming Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Princess Jody decide the level the playing field by, with the power of the Chaos Emerald, transforming the moon-sized Super Galaxy Big Machine into the galaxy-sized "Tengen Toppa Big Machine". The two mechas then start to brawl, and they are evenly matched. The expanded Supetastic 6 decide to help and, with they're own Laganns, combines they're Spiral energy to form the "Tengen Toppa Variblune" which resembles the Variblune from Himitsu Sental Goranger only it's the size of a galaxy, it's colored red and it has a face with Kamina sunglasses on it. The Tengen Toppa Variblune then combines with the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann to form "Goren Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann". An epic battle soon ensures. Later on Princess Jody then decides to add three more Chaos Emeralds to Tengen Toppa Big Machine to transform it to "Super Tengen Toppa Big Machine", which resembles Big Machine made of purple Spiral energy and dwarfs Goren Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Out of nowherehe, the Winx Club come to help our heroes and combines their Sirenix power with Goren Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann to form "Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann". Princess Jody then activates a device that transports both Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Super Tengen Toppa Big Machine into Makuu Space, and once again another epic battle ensures. Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann throws off its cape, and Captain Music uses Super Tengen Toppa Giga Drill Break. Princess Jody respond in kind, with the Big Machine Giga Drill Break. The collision between the two attacks causes Makuu Space to collapse inwards toward the twin Giga Drills. After the long epic brawl, Super Tengen Toppa Big Machine is defeated. In the end Princess Jody is exiled to the same deserted planet as King Dyce. And so once again the day is saved, thanks to the Supetastic 6. The end.

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No comment but nice work combining it all.  In my biew, some of your works are under appreciated.  By the way, remember my suggestion about splitting hottie 3 into various sagas?