Hottie PRESENTS #3

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Published: May 23, 2013
==Hottie Presents: "Here Comes Lance Sterling"==

Secret agent and archaeologists, Dr. Lance Sterling (played by Chris Jackson AKA Me) has a PhD in KICKING YOUR @$$! Not to mention all the women are crazy for him. With his associate Slobberjob (played by Wilfred), he travels to exotic locations like Istanbul, Paris, and the Amazon rainforest to find something they call "The Axe of Bombay," and lay claim to it before his enemy "Fat Guy" gets to it first. The Axe of Bombay is the symbol of awesomeness to nations around the world. Fat Guy has a henchmen who goes by the name Rameet. On the way they meet a mysterious Moldavian lady named Nadia (played by Tanya O'Tabby from Episode 2), who has an agenda of her own. Lance Sterling and Slobberjob arrive in Peru and go into a temple filled with booby traps. Why does Lance know that the Axe of Bombay is located there? Because he's just that awesome After avoiding all the booby traps our heroes finally find the Axe of Bombay. The victory is cut short as Nadia snatches the Axe of Bombay away from them. "Why would you want the axe?" said Lance, "so that my country can start it's first ever axe and fruit stand" said Nadia, "that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard" said Lance, "it's your story" said Nadia. Fat Guy and Rameet arrive too so that they can get their hands on the Axe of Bombay. Lance soon snatches the Axe of Bombay from Nadia. Fat Guy, Rameet, Nadia and a a bunch of monkeys (for no reason) chase our heroes to the edge of a cliff, at the bottom of the cliff was a river. Little did Lance know, until now, that the Axe of Bombay was magic. With the Axe of Bombay, Lance was now "Lance Sterling: Axe Archaeologist" or Axe Archaeologist for short. In the end Fat Guy is defeated just by the sheer awesomeness of Axe Archaeologist. In the end Lance Sterling and Nadia (who was easily forgiven) go out on a date in Paris, there was much making out. The end.
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Today's episode is a re-imagining of Garfield's Feline Fantasies.

Episode 1: [link]
Episode 2: [link]

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