Hottie PRESENTS #1

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Published: May 17, 2013
==Hottie Presents: "Rebuild of Gurren Lagann"==

Simon, along with Boota, was now a drifter walking the Earth. but little did anyone realize that, in secret, Simon had just raised Nia back from the dead with his spiral power. Her death was staged in front of a large group so that certain people who may or may not still consider her a traitor and try to kill her would think she was dead, hence why Simon was so happy in the end after his wife just ceased to exist at the alter. Alternatively, she really did dissapear due to the Anti-Spiral being killed, but Simon was lying about not resurrecting her. After he left the wedding he did it in secret. This was to avoid the public outcry and having to bring back everyone who died, which would cause the Spiral Nemesis. Afterwards Simon vows to never use his ability to raise the dead again in order to avoid a possible Spiral Nemesis. Simon advises Nia to dye her hair and change her name in order make everyone thinks she's still dead. Nia chooses the name, Sayaka. In onder to make the illusion of Nia's death more realistic, set's up, as a memorial,  a white cross with a piece of her veil tied to the back, holding Nia's wedding ring. The memorial is placed on a hill besides Kamina's burial site which now sports a memorial for all of the crew members who were killed by the Anti-Spiral fleet, six swords wers placed alongside Kamina's, in honor of Zorthy, Irakk, Kidd, Makken, Jorugan and Balinbow, and Kittan. Simon, Nia and Boota drifted across the Earth. The end.
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Hottie Presents is similar to the Axe Cop Presents stories on Axe Cop.com. These fan fictions are side adventures, separate from my fanfic "Hottie 3: The Best Fan Fic in the World". You can read Hottie 3: The Best Fan Fic in the World here: [link]

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