Crossover Taisen chapter 2

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The evil organization, Zan-Shocker, has hold the United Nations hostage, and threatens to kill the ambassadors unless the nations of the world subject to them. Meanwhile Zan-Shocker's armada, composed of Zangyack Battleships, invades Washington DC, other fleets invades other capitals of countries all around the world. Just when all hope seems lost, the combined forces of Supertastic 6 Unlimited, all the Kamen Riders, all the Super Sentai and the United States Army Special Forces come and takes them down just with their pure awesomeness.

Meanwhile in the headquarters of the Voidspace Army, located in the center of Voidspace, General Hand reports to the Biggest Bad, the true leader of the Voidspace Army and General Hand's master. General Hand tells his master about Zan-Shocker. The Biggest Bad then orders General Hand to lead his army and get rid of Zan-Shocker. To be continued...
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