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Ocean, desktop music visualizer

By alatsombath
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Realtime music visualizer for your vintage desktop

Works with any media player or audio device. Change various display and audio settings to match your wallpaper and genre of music.
This skin is a frontend to the AudioLevel plugin by dgrace for Rainmeter

:windows:  Download and Install

1) Get the Rainmeter program for free from Quick installation tutorial video
2) Download the skin at the right side of this page. If nothing downloads, right-click > "Open link in new tab".
3) Open the skin file with the green raindrop icon and click "Install" in the pop-up window.

:music:  Videos

The peaks move up and down with the music.
(No video yet)

:note:  v2.0 (27 December 2015)

Default settings reference - Updates do not overwrite current audio or display settings
Added settings window and rotation option, fixed random resizing. Recommend "clean install", see link above.

:?  Help

Left-click on the skin to customize settings.
If the visualizer does not appear on your desktop, try the following:
•  In the skin installer, mark the plugins for install and "Load included skins"
•  Play music, or increase the Sensitivity if the bars are not visible enough
•  Open Volume Mixer and check if Rainmeter's volume is unmuted
•  Right-click the skin, click "Manage skin" and check if the skin's coordinates are not off the screen
•  In the skin's settings window, set the skin to use a different audio device
•  Change the device's bitrate or update/rollback the device's drivers
•  If all else fails, reinstall Rainmeter (all settings should be preserved)

:clap:  Credits

"HiTBiT-PA" - Color picker from Desktop VU-Meter 3 - Wallpaper

:magnify:  License

CC BY-NC-SA 3.0  All of the resources provided in this skin are free to be reused and modified for creating your own skin.

:liquisoft:  Resources

:peace:  Support

If you have questions, bugs, feature suggestions, want to be added/removed from the description above, or anything else, post a comment below or send a message here on dA.

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OP tharikese simcandi thena?

When I try to change any settings with the bars in the window they just went to -1 and -0 and I can't change them back, pls help

it doesnt even load for me nor does it work can anyone help

When I was about to change the number of peaks, I didn't get to do more than just click the bar and it set the number to -1. Same thing with the raindrop visualizer

worst so far man smh

I'll try it

Spectraljump's avatar

New problem: I unwisely moved the number of peaks slider too fast and now the slider is gone and the value says "-1". I fixed it again by going to Ocean > GenerateBands.

HOWEVER I also broke the "Rotation angle" slider, also shows "-1" and that one I cannot fix no matter what. If I go into edit skin and replace the Angle=-1 with something else, then refresh the settings skin, then the slider comes back but as soon as I touch it it jumps back to -1 (and the angle never changes)...

Spectraljump's avatar

Ok, I fixed this on too :) Probably after opening Generate Bands, because now I can scroll over the place where the Rotation slider was, and the value changes and the slider shows up. -- I had tried to scroll over it before just after it first broke, but it didn't work. So something else (generate bands probably) was what allowed it to work via scroll again. Cheers! Sorry for the spam, hope it helps someone else. Amazing skin, love the line version.

moondxstmint's avatar

I have the same problem right now. What do you mean by "opening" Generate Bands". ¿Did you change anything on that notepad? :(

Spectraljump's avatar

This is the most beautiful music vis ever. But I can't get it to work. Can someone confirm it still works in windows 10? When I select the correct audio output, there is just a horizontal line. The line fades to nothing when I pause the music, the line also disappears when I choose an incorrect audio output. No matter how I play with what settings, the line is always flat... :C

Spectraljump's avatar

PS: another non line based visualizer ("the fizzualizer") works, so I know rainmeter gets audio)

Spectraljump's avatar

Now it works. I swear, I was being very careful about debugging it, and to "fix it", I did nothing other than go to Ocean > Generate Bands. As soon as that menu (which is just the settings menu) came up, it started working. But I'd been to the Settings Window before with it not working.. Also restarted rainmeter with it not working etc.. So not sure if that Generate Bands menu is related or just something else..magic..

can some1 help me..its doesn't show up..only setting show up..thanks

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