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Frost, desktop music visualizer

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Realtime music visualizer for your Windows desktop!  Boo  See demo videos on YouTube

1. Get Rainmeter for free from
2. Download the skin from the right side of this page. If nothing downloads, right-click > "Open link in new tab"
3. Open the file with the green raindrop icon and click "Install" in the pop-up window
4. Left-click on the spectrum to customize settings.

v2.3 (24 Apr 2016) Full changelog - Cross-referenced changes from Fountain of Colors. Performance tweaks.

To increase precision and performance, decrease your audio device's sampling rate. Right-click volume tray icon > "Playback devices" > Follow this image

If you're updating from an older version and feel that the audio output is mistimed or unimproved, you might need to go to the settings window to apply "reset audio settings..." and tweak it from there.

If it doesn't show on the desktop, try the following:
•  Open Volume Mixer and check if Rainmeter's volume is unmuted
•  In the skin's installer window, check the box "Load included skins"
•  In the skin's settings window, set the skin to use a different audio device
•  Disable external software with sound processing and effects such as MSI Nahimic

"HiTBiT-PA" - Color picker from Desktop VU-Meter 3
"DeltaWorks" - Wallpaper

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changing width and length goes to -1 automaticly and the bar disapears

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aylen3New Deviant


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LezzzgoooNew Deviant

hudxzugf uk8134jcbzurbnu34r

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I just started using this and I need to know how to flip it upside down. I am using a cut anime "Berserk" wallpaper so I thought the red color would look different. I also want to try and change the color of the snow from a white to a lighter gray like ash color. I think that would look pretty cool. So is there a way to flip this ocean skin at all. thank You! I also plan to make a few different backgrounds with the cut for different themes but so far this is my first.

Need To Flip
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laithakthamNew Deviant

kddjddjro lmp

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JulioCocieloNew Deviant

Não funciona.

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ROCCO19920New Deviant


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kennydarkNew Deviant


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sxgenericNew Deviant

clicking any of "Number of peaks" "Width" or "Height" sets the value to -1

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McJointGTNew Deviant

how to fix it?

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QoikoiNew Deviant

you can fix it by going to MY PC and go to document. Rainmeter > Skins > Frost > Resources > then change the width and height ur own. Press file and save the lod the frost again

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potanginakeanNew Deviant

still not working bruh :<

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after i change a setting, the skin dont show up anymore. it work at the begining but then it stoped working. also the settings window dont work. if i want to change something, the wide and high jumped to -1

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DeringgerNew Deviant

why it vanishes to the desk top

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RBsieteNew Deviant

This is super cool, but every time I edit it it vanishes from the desktop

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yerinoxNew Deviant


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juvenal23New Deviant


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settings sliders not working, tried editing the variable.txt. no luck. pls fix this asap!

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its great!

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nyasagalaxyStudent Traditional Artist

lol i tried to edit the width and height and now they're both stuck at -1 :/

can't even see the visualizer anymore

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It's not working. It doesn't show the visualizer after loading. Maybe needs to be updated.

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nice content :)

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How do you change colors on the clone?

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