Frost, desktop music visualizer
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Realtime music visualizer for your Windows desktop!  Boo  See demo videos on YouTube

1. Get Rainmeter for free from rainmeter.net
2. Download the skin from the right side of this page. If nothing downloads, right-click > "Open link in new tab"
3. Open the file with the green raindrop icon and click "Install" in the pop-up window
4. Left-click on the spectrum to customize settings.

v2.3 (24 Apr 2016) Full changelog - Cross-referenced changes from Fountain of Colors. Performance tweaks.

To increase precision and performance, decrease your audio device's sampling rate. Right-click volume tray icon > "Playback devices" > Follow this image

If you're updating from an older version and feel that the audio output is mistimed or unimproved, you might need to go to the settings window to apply "reset audio settings..." and tweak it from there.

If it doesn't show on the desktop, try the following:
•  Open Volume Mixer and check if Rainmeter's volume is unmuted
•  In the skin's installer window, check the box "Load included skins"
•  In the skin's settings window, set the skin to use a different audio device
•  Disable external software with sound processing and effects such as MSI Nahimic

"HiTBiT-PA" - Color picker from Desktop VU-Meter 3
"DeltaWorks" - Wallpaper

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Comments (171)
Alexb1096's avatar
Frost works fine but my CPU usage increased too much. How can i resolve this problem? I think my PC is good enough to use Frost...
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Germa222's avatar
this broke my rainmeter lol
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VL4DST3R's avatar
I had this kin for as long as i can remember but with the last 4.3 update it has made this unusable. Since it seems to be abandoned, does anyone knows of any alternatives to this skin?
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AnEveryDayWeeb's avatar
AnEveryDayWeeb|Student Digital Artist
This Skin is incredible and Unique. Sadly, I see that loads of other people are getting the same problem as me. Is there any way to lower the CPU usage as my laptop starts to turn very slow and laggy when I load the skin. Any suggestions to help me and the others that are experiencing this would be very grateful. Thank you. 
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StritziPower's avatar
Where can you find low cpu usage?
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Dyrilium's avatar
My visualizer just disappeared without any reason. None of the Variables are set to -1 or anything.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Oliveritas's avatar
this is for me the best visualizer! A big thank to you for sharing!
But i have a problem with beta-version of Rainmeter. When i use your skin with a version of Rainmeter after the last final-release, the CPU has heavy overload!
With the last final-release, i have no Problems!
There are any other user with the same CPU-overload?!
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Kraha's avatar
when i was tryin to change height then plugin disappear.  i mean its not visible on desktop... and height is set to -1px and cannot change it, no metter if i try it changing in resources folder. what to do to fix it?
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J0kki's avatar
You can simply change the values in the install folder.
go to: This PC -> Documents -> Rainmeter -> Skins -> Frost -> recources
select the Variables folder and there you can change multiple settings.
Photo by J0kki  

the hub for frost got too outdated and without new releases it stopped working.

Dont forget to press save as well as the reset button in the rainmeter app, otherwise the new values wont be loaded in.
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Pr3castDragon's avatar
Pr3castDragonEdited |Hobbyist Digital Artist
unfortuantely, changing the width/height value to ANYTHING makes it disappear. Any idea what the issue is?
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NotEvenuseful's avatar
Can I rotate it somehow?
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J0kki's avatar
if you open the rainmeter app and go in the frost folder, right click on frost.ini file to Edit.
You can can change the angles in steps of 90°.
Photo by J0kki  

Dont forget to save the file and refresh the rainmeter app.
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XulixEmerald's avatar
Is there a way of making it a circle instead of a straight line?
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5kip3r's avatar
Can anyone help me to increase the width because when i do it crashes
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DeedoLUL's avatar
Had the same issue. You need to go open the "GenerateBands" folder and load the "GenerateMeters.ini" file. Should appear then.
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norawitz25's avatar
I don't know Why I'm so lag. so sad
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lotus21exe's avatar
lotus21exe|Hobbyist General Artist
file doesnt exist :'(
icant download it
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Mrwocjek's avatar
If it dosent work for you no matter what, download the 16 May 2016 version of rainmeter only thing that actually worked. www.filehorse.com/download-rai…
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FrancisForward's avatar
awesome work - thanks for sharing
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HornsKM's avatar
when ever i change w from 768 and refresh it it disappeares any solutions?
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amit4tima's avatar
amit4tima|Student Digital Artist
mine too
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DeedoLUL's avatar
Launch the "GenerateMeters" file in the "GenerateBands" folder.
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