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Fountain of Colors, desktop music visualizer

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 Realtime FFT music visualizer with scalable bars and colors

Examples  —  Settings overview  —  How-to: Rainmeter (1)  (2)

     Download Rainmeter  (2 MB)  •  :windows: Windows 7, 8, 10
     Download skin (234 KB)  •  Right-side of this page

    v4.0a3 (13 Mar 2020)  - (Alpha 3) Added "Fading Peaks" effect.
                            - Improved audio plugin.
                            - Revert to older Options menu.
                            - Recommended default settings: 10px Thickness; 6px Gap; 252px Height;
    v3.8.4 (15 Jan 2019)  - Skin revealed by default w/o playing audio (1px Min Bar Height)
    v3.8.2 (02 Nov 2018)  - Fix freezing: Use efficient event-driven update loop in separate thread
                            - Fix visual data loss: Store buffer data properly before buffer release
                            - Crash prevention: Stop device re-initialization on error in update loop
                            - Use "Pro Audio" task for high priority access to the low-latency stream
                            - Recommended default settings: 8192 Interpolated samples
      v3.8 (14 Aug 2018)    - Improvements in the modified AudioLevel plugin:
                            - Zero-padding for smoother bass section
                            - Hann periodic window for better spectral analysis
                            - Stereo-to-mono corrected using time-domain average
                            - Resume capture more quickly by releasing buffer earlier
                            - Use engine's minimum supported buffer size for faster release
                            - Support more devices, try IsFormatSupported() for requested formats
                            - Stop doing unnecessary FFTs for non-selected channels (see notes)
                            - Move FFT outside capture loop; skip RMS/Peak calculation in Bands (v3.7.1)
                            - Recommended default setting: Smoothness (0 past values)
   v3.6.21 (02 Nov 2018)  - Restore intended timing behavior (Rollback vanilla plugin to RM 4.1)
                            (Default settings used in latest version):
    v3.6.7 (08 Feb 2017)  Filters (0ms Attack) (0ms Decay);
      v3.2 (15 May 2015)  Bands generated (80)

 Optionally, you may reset your skin settings to the latest defaults by using the "Reset Settings" skin version inside the top-most dated link

  •  Close the options window during installation
  •  Close Notepad or any text editor with skin files open during installation
  •  Run "GenerateBands.ini" or "Initialize.ini" skins after installation
  •  Open Volume Mixer, set player and Rainmeter volume level equal to system volume
  •  Use PCM format, disable sound enhancements in your audio device's settings
  •  Requires Windows 7 Service Pack 1 with Platform Update or later
  •  More troubleshooting:…

    dgrace — AudioLevel plugin
    SnGmng — Improved AudioLevel plugin
    smurfier — Original ColorChanger.lua script
    Kittoes — Skin generation concept
    Free Nature StockWallpaper
    Functionality included in old versions -
    HiTBiT-PA — Color picker from Desktop VU-Meter 3
    Socks the Fox — Wallpaper colors from Chameleon plugin
    Brian — System colors from SysColor plugin
    jsmorley — InputText demo for editing settings
    MarcoPixel — Display audio device name from Monstercat Visualizer
    Blantas — Context menu concept from Animated Vinyl Player
    poiru — Custom song colors via NowPlaying plugin

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bonog326New Deviant


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I would like there to be more options to customize the bars, an example would be in the colors that we can put more than one color, let's say put a blue color on the left side and red on the right side or put pink in the middle and blue in the other half if it is That was possible to do, that would be great that way of personalizing.

I would also like the old options menu to return since in this new update it brings many errors every time I want to customize the rainmeter program, it closes, I hope and they solve that problem and I would like you to take into account this little opinion about customization :)

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JOILALNew Deviant

how do i increase the width

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4.0a3 seems to be broken. Crashes, options menu is annoying and not helpful. Also, don't know if this is a skin problem, or Windows or Rainmeter, but the skin won't stay beneath taskbar if I click anywhere on desktop. I'm using TranslucentTB though, so maybe that's the problem. Anyway, looking forward to the next alpha, keep up the good work.

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NotRllyRnNew Deviant

when I installed it, and I opened the settings, they were all messed up and if I clicked anything it would crash the settings load and if I did it a few more times, it would crash rainmeter in general.

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For some reason after i install this skin rainmeter stops working. I m using the latest version of rainmeter.

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PaniicccNew Deviant

same happened to me

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ethanborgNew Deviant

how do i get rid of the menu?

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2ecStaticNew Deviant

Options aren't working for me, any help?

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therednerd123New Deviant


(edit) found a way you load the thing you want to edit by rainmeter under the fountain of color folder

NotRllyRn's avatar
NotRllyRnNew Deviant

how do you do that exactly?

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Lmao put the smoothness to 100

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WILLIAM0256New Deviant
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useruser68New Deviant

The controls just started randomly working for me. Try restarting a couple of times

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