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Fountain of Colors, desktop music visualizer

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 Realtime FFT music visualizer with scalable bars and colors

Examples  —  Settings overview  —  How-to: Rainmeter (1)  (2)

     Download Rainmeter  (2 MB)  •  :windows: Windows 7, 8, 10
     Download skin (1.4 MB)  •  Right-side of this page

    v4.0a17 (11 Oct 2022)  - (Alpha 17) - Decreased smoothness. (5 avg. values)
                            - Decreased interpolated samples. (16384)
                            - Increased sensitivity. (40dB)
                            - Decreased lower-bound frequency. (20Hz)
                            - Disabled fading peak update interval.
                            - Decreased fading peak decay duration. (390ms)
    v4.0a5 (13 Jun 2020)  - (Alpha 5) Imported new menu from Monstercat Visualizer.
                            - 10px Thickness; 6px Gap; 275px Height;
    v4.0a1 (25 Feb 2020)  - (Alpha 1) Added "Fading Peaks" effect.
                            - Improved audio plugin.
                            - Decreased sample size. (2048)
    v3.8.4 (15 Jan 2019)  - Skin revealed by default w/o playing audio (1px Min Bar Height)
    v3.8.2 (02 Nov 2018)  - Fix freezing: Use efficient event-driven update loop in separate thread
                            - Fix visual data loss: Store buffer data properly before buffer release
                            - Crash prevention: Stop device re-initialization on error in update loop
                            - Use "Pro Audio" task for high priority access to the low-latency stream
      v3.8 (14 Aug 2018)    - Improvements in the modified AudioLevel plugin:
                            - Zero-padding for smoother bass section
                            - Hann periodic window for better spectral analysis
                            - Stereo-to-mono corrected using time-domain average
                            - Resume capture more quickly by releasing buffer earlier
                            - Use engine's minimum supported buffer size for faster release
                            - Support more devices, try IsFormatSupported() for requested formats
                            - Stop doing unnecessary FFTs for non-selected channels (see notes)
                            - Move FFT outside capture loop; skip RMS/Peak calculation in Bands (v3.7.1)
                            - Recommended default setting: Smoothness (0 past values)
   v3.6.21 (02 Nov 2018)  - Restore intended timing behavior (Rollback vanilla plugin to RM 4.1)
                            (Default settings used in latest version):
    v3.6.7 (08 Feb 2017)  Filters (0ms Attack) (0ms Decay);
      v3.2 (15 May 2015)  Bands generated (80)

 Optionally, you may reset your skin settings to the latest defaults by using the "Clean Install" skin version inside the top-most dated link

  •  Close the options window during installation
  •  Close Notepad or any text editor with skin files open during installation
  •  Run "GenerateBands.ini" or "Initialize.ini" skins after installation
  •  Open Volume Mixer, set player and Rainmeter volume level equal to system volume
  •  Use PCM format, disable sound enhancements in your audio device's settings
  •  Requires Windows 7 Service Pack 1 with Platform Update or later
  •  More troubleshooting:…

    dgrace — AudioLevel plugin
    SnGmng — Improved AudioLevel plugin
    smurfier — Original ColorChanger.lua script
    Kittoes — Skin generation concept
    Free Nature StockWallpaper
    Functionality included in old versions -
    HiTBiT-PA — Color picker from Desktop VU-Meter 3
    Socks the Fox — Wallpaper colors from Chameleon plugin
    Brian — System colors from SysColor plugin
    jsmorley — InputText demo for editing settings
    MarcoPixel — Display audio device name from Monstercat Visualizer
    Blantas — Context menu concept from Animated Vinyl Player
    poiru — Custom song colors via NowPlaying plugin

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I am having issue that it says file damaged or does not contain any meter