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Eye of the Storm, desktop music visualizer


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Realtime music visualizer that will make you a little dizzy

Works with any media player or audio device. Change various display and audio settings to match your wallpaper and genre of music.
This skin is a frontend to the AudioLevel plugin by dgrace for Rainmeter

:windows:  Download and Install

1) Get the Rainmeter program for free from Quick installation tutorial video
2) Download the skin at the right side of this page. If nothing downloads, right-click > "Open link in new tab".
3) Open the skin file with the green raindrop icon and click "Install" in the pop-up window.

:music:  Videos

The arcs rotate based on the sound levels.

:note:  v2.0 (21 December 2015)

Default settings reference - Updates do not overwrite current audio or display settings
Added settings window and improved responsiveness, fixed random resizing. Recommend "clean install", see link above.

:?  Help

Left-click on the arcs to customize settings.
If the visualizer does not appear on your desktop, try the following:
•  In the skin installer, mark the plugins for install and "Load included skins"
•  Play music, or increase the Sensitivity if the rings are not visible enough
•  Open Volume Mixer and check if Rainmeter's volume is unmuted
•  Right-click the skin, click "Manage skin" and check if the skin's coordinates are not off the screen
•  In the skin's settings window, set the skin to use a different audio device
•  Change the device's bitrate or update/rollback the device's drivers
•  If all else fails, reinstall Rainmeter (all settings should be preserved)

:clap:  Credits

"Alien-byte", "JTMote" - Alienbyte Circular Equalizer, Back to the Basics - Circular visualizers used as a guide and reference
"deivantan" - ASUSROG by Ivan - Rotating roundlines demonstration
"SplitShire" - Wallpaper

:magnify:  License

CC BY-NC-SA 3.0  All of the resources provided in this skin are free to be reused and modified for creating your own skin.

:liquisoft:  Resources

:peace:  Support

If you have questions, bugs, feature suggestions, want to be added/removed from the description above, or anything else, post a comment below or send a message here on dA.
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