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Dexterity (NowPlaying Display for Rainmeter)

By alatsombath
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poiru - NowPlaying plugin - Connect with any supported media player and display song info on your desktop

dgrace - AudioLevel plugin - Realtime harmonious reactions to your computer's sound card

jsmorley - WebParser progression - Explanation on how to handle related information from multiple sources

You can change the font, size, bar width and spacing, bar height, and number of bars through the "Edit variables" context menu option

When launching the skin for the first time, the number of bars is automatically adjusted based on your computer's CPU usage

When playing the track's album for the first time, the album art colors are retrieved from online sources and are then permanently stored (cached) in a separate variables file

On every skin launch, one random album art color is chosen out of three stored colors

If the album isn't on Last.FM, or if the track has incorrectly spelled metadata (tags), then the skin may not be able to retrieve the album art colors

Sometimes, you may also have to restart Rainmeter (not just the skin) due to the ridiculously long timeout nature of the WebParser plugin

Media player controls from Google's Material Design icon set

Technical framework on retrieving the dominant album art colors: Uses Last.FM's track metadata API to find the current track's album art online and Johannes Charman's YQL Open Data Table to send a POST request to PhpFiddle's code execution API, whose query contents include a URL-encoded PHP-based cURL request to the Pictaculous color palette generator

Latest release is 1.0.2 (11 April 2015 rev 2)

Let me know if you have questions, concerns, a feature or documentation request, if anything is broken, or just anything at all!

Download Rainmeter 3.2, then download and install the .rmskin file at the top-right corner of this page. Cheers!

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rtdtbfbNew Deviant


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rtdtbfbNew Deviant


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looks dope

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i downloaded it and opened it and there is no bar

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How can I change the color pls.

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Everytime I go to download this, I get this error:

plz help

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smolrageStudent General Artist

this is great!!

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alright this is a really beautiful skin so thank you for making it but the fact that you put a song from the Minecraft soundtrack makes it even better

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Is there any way to hide the visualizer and line below it? Just have the cover and controls?

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will this work with online streaming sites ex Deezer/Spotify
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how do i download dis??
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HimitsuUKStudent Photographer
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How do I change the colour for this (sorry Im new)
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good work
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Is there a way to make the visualizer and progress bar stay white?  Most of my songs are in "unknown album" and for some reason this results in them always being green, and it's gross.  I just want to keep it white.
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a3skales123Hobbyist General Artist
Is there any way to have an image as the background? Or does it have to be a solid colour?
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Thanks for sharing!
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Great work!
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The skin doesnt show up on my desktop when I double click the dexterity.ini file in rainmeter. What do I have to do to get it work?

SUPERSCIOLI2Student Digital Artist
The color is not changing. Why?
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GremlinboyFHHobbyist Photographer
How to you change the descent time for the bars? Like how they fall.
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any way to disable the visualizer? i can set the opacity to 0,  but it still bumps the top of my screen when i try to get it as high as possible. is there any way to simply remove the visualizer from the code?
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only loads the bars, nothing else shows up for me
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pain-designsHobbyist Filmographer
same here,can not use it :hmm:
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