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OUaT - Hook -



Ah, yes! I finally finished this picture!

I present to you Captain Hook from Once Upon a Time TV series, in all of his sassy glory ♥

I've been a fan of OUaT pretty much since the beginning, I adore fairy tales and I love OUaT's take on them, the series, while being a huge family drama, is absolutely magnificent, and I love it completely.

So the fanart was just a matter of time. Hook is my favorite character (together with Emma.. haha 'together' 8D), since he showed up I was all "let me love you!". I adore this guy, innuendos and facepalm inducing failures at being a villain included. Also, his clothes ♥ I mean, one of the thing I love about OUaT so much is the beauty of all the costumes that the fairytale characters wear. Hook is no exception. Everything he wears is absolutely stunning, his vests and coat with all the tiny details are so gorgeous, I love them!

Granted, it's a huge pain to draw, but hey, it's a GOOD pain, and me being a detail freak that I am, I love it :>

I'm really satisfied with this picture, I kind of combined my favorite 'mangaish' style of coloring with a more realistic drawing of the character himself, and I adore how it came out. I'm currently experimenting with my drawing style, I want to be able to draw more fanarts for my favorite TV series, so I'm really happy that I can pull it off, and it kinda looks good :>

Anyway, enough rambling, hope you like the picture! And if you haven't seen Once Upon a Time yet, go see it, it's great ♥


P.S.: Yes, yes, tons of references were used, I can't draw Mr. Colin O'Donoghue, nor can I draw his gorgeous clothing from memory, so I needed a lot of reference pictures for that, and let me tell you, finding a really good detail shots of his vest and belt was a true challenge!
P.S.2: Ther's a Captain Swan reference in this picture, because I'm a shipper at heart and I just couldn't help myself ♥
P.S.3: And yes, the background is me being deliberately silly... I regret nothing.

Killian Jones aka Captain Hook from Once Upon a Time © ABC
made with: PaintTool SAI
time: ... just don't ask...
music: Lots of different songs from The Vampire Dairies, actually, most of the time I was just watching TVD in the bg, being infinitely frustrated with Damon and Klaus (really, Damon, honey, stop being a jerk, and Klaus, your temper tantrums, they are not healthy, really, just stop it...)
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I adored this show when it was on TV, and over the last few months, I've been re-watching it on Netflix, and oh my me, but this pirate owned quite the chunk of my heart for five years (along with Rumple). I absolutely love this picture of him; that sassy, roguish smirk and quirked eyebrow is perfect for him and the detail is absolutely stunning, especially the embroidery on his coat and his belt buckle. And the detail of the book makes the picture. And the background gives the whole picture a fun, playful vibe that somehow manages to work despite it's admitted silliness. (Also, the little swan with the sword in the corner made me grin.) I love pictures that you can keep looking at and noticing tiny details in. What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful character pink heart {big}