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Ewww me. by Alatariel-Luinwe Ewww me. :iconalatariel-luinwe:Alatariel-Luinwe 1 16
.A solitary box.
She shivers in her box,
How does she fill that empty space?
When she's not yet ready.
Not ready to lose.
She fights back,
How does she hurt them over again?
When they don't even care.
She lies down,
How can she ever close her eyes?
When it's all far too clear.
Stand up and smile,
You said this silence makes you happy.
She realised too long
She let you,
She let you
Make her hate everything
Everything beautiful.
In the darkness,
It became clear.
:iconalatariel-luinwe:Alatariel-Luinwe 1 7
London baby. by Alatariel-Luinwe London baby. :iconalatariel-luinwe:Alatariel-Luinwe 0 3
Burning confessions
As paper burns,
I write to you.
The feelings drowning me,
As i see your words to her,
I wish that i could be.
I always said that it would scar
Whenever you left me,
Knowledge died in that kiss
That you promised me.
I saw her face on that day
Laughing down at me,
She stole away my only care,
So what was i to do?
I wished it then
There i wished.
This evil came from me.
As she burns,
I write to you,
The feelings drowning me,
What i wished upon her
Is all that i can see.
I'd say i never meant to,
But that would be a lie
For she chose herself
When she stole away my life,
And now i can only cry.
As i burn,
I call for you,
To tell you how i feel
I need you more than ever,
To make you see my love is real.
I've never loved as now i do,
And again i never will,
For in her taking of your heart
She took away mine too.
As the stiching of our hearts,
Could never be unglued,
And i'm left here all alone,
Waiting, lying still
I wait for you to come for me.
My only fear,
That never never will i ever see
:iconalatariel-luinwe:Alatariel-Luinwe 3 15
A Goddess Victim
One single tear can bring forth the storm
One tiny stain on the blanket of time,
Only one does notice these changes, so,
She sings,
And watches as the
Acid rain falls,
In its everlasting journey
She can only mourn
For the day,
The day, until it all breaks
It all breaks away and she will
No more, be victim to this casual fray,
She can, Once again
Be free, like before,
Before that one tiny stain,
Before the storm,
Then she will sing, but
A different tune, a sound so clear
It would pierce the heart of every man.
:iconalatariel-luinwe:Alatariel-Luinwe 1 21
Transparent Perfection
You tried so hard to be perfect
Now memories fade of how things were,
A dusty emerald waiting for return,
The lightest touch
Could disturb its peace.
Hanging from the golden threads,
That once held you so high,
Fragile to each blade of light
They only just remain,
To consume your delicacy,
You reject from within.
Now you've strayed from your path,
Leaving behind,
The earth and the air
Burdened with your memories,
But you continue to sleep
In all beauty,
Like the first time you were lost for words,
When you stepped off the edge
Diving through the black clouds
Of your remorse.
Your transparent perfection
Is lost in the glass,
Buried deep under your skin,
It shows no scars
It merely mirrors,
How things used to be,
Before the poison took over,
And left you skeletal.
:iconalatariel-luinwe:Alatariel-Luinwe 1 43
Speaking in fairy tales
Once, a long time ago
This girl,
The one with the long golden hair,
She fell inside herself,
While exploring the realms inside
She discovered,
Her greatest fear,
That was love itself,
The hurt would be too much,
For her frailty
She was scared of breaking,
She thought that by faking
She would get through,
This was
Before she met him,
The one,
The one who took her away
From herself and made her realise,
That she needed him and,
His love to make her whole
Like she had never been before,
Now only with him,
Can she feel like herself,
Without him she feels alone,
But she knows he's always there,
Her fear has gone,
Banished by him,
Making space now,
For her spirit to dance in joy,
Now they can live,
Happily ever after?
:iconalatariel-luinwe:Alatariel-Luinwe 2 37
This first part you
Withdraw to yourself maybe then
You will feel whole, once more,
Though even with her,
You still feel nothing,
She can see her weaknesses
Reflected in your eyes,
But you can't see it in hers,
Invisible to you she stares,
Unable to see her
You stare too.
All she ever wanted was
For you to notice her,
All she ever needed was
For you to not stray to far,
Every time you're apart she can
Feel the repetition of the pain,
The empty darkness envelopes her,
Channelling its fear,
She feels the pain of all,
That summons her into the corner
Of her forgotten mind,
Where she stays until you return,
To make her feel whole,
Once more.
:iconalatariel-luinwe:Alatariel-Luinwe 1 23
Green and weird by Alatariel-Luinwe Green and weird :iconalatariel-luinwe:Alatariel-Luinwe 1 42
Only tainted on the inside too
The world behind my eyes,
Is once again stained red,
As the dye sinks in,
The sky remains plain,
This vastness echoes the emptiness,
I'm being lured towards the blank space
That, I'm so afraid of,
And as I turn over my palm,
And see the reflection,
Of that same face,
The one that haunts me everyday,
Following that same old track,
Leading me in the same old way,
The repetition cleanses me, taking over
As I begin to forget
Everything I said I wouldn't.
The glass tears I cried
Sometime long ago,
Show the jagged edges of my past,
And how I dared to wish myself to be
Who I always dreamed I could,
But realising now I would never change
For no-one, not myself.
She flees now because she sees herself
For who she really is,
Wanting to believe in this
But she always runs,
Facing this could it make her see,
The only thing that haunts her,
Is me?
:iconalatariel-luinwe:Alatariel-Luinwe 1 38
Pages of our story
I start this halfway through,
For my beginning lies with you,
Locked away in the floating depths of memories,
Where this un-fading ink dyes our pages,
To tell our tales
And last forever,
These unspoken words hang in the air,
Waiting to be heard-
But only by you,
If you could just see my heart,
To see it only beats for you alone, then-
You would know,
You would know that, in the dark when they call to me,
I only think of you,
You would know that, only you can make me true,
You're everything that sees me through,
But can you hear these words from me to you?
Echoing in my mind, I hear
All we've ever said and,
Through my eyes I see, imprinted all over the pages,
Our story,
Blossoming as life goes on,
How I hope it lasts forever,
For there to be no end to these pages,
And this ink will never cease to scar,
These pages beneath.
:iconalatariel-luinwe:Alatariel-Luinwe 2 33
Future of a suicide note
You don't realise how I feel,
Locked inside this helpless skin,
Where I can't comfort them,
Their forms bent and twisted behind
My blurred vision,
Maybe on the other side,
I wouldn't feel so cold,
And so alone
Now that you left me.
I read your letter yesterday,
When you told me of how heavenly it was,
This other place,
Where you had always wanted to go,
It hasn't stopped me missing you,
Now I know I'll never see you again,
I know you were selfish to leave us,
But its what you've always wanted,
I'll even miss how you made me cry,
Every time I walked in and you shouted
Just because I was there,
Then you would hug me
And I knew you secretly cared,
If only you were still here,
So I could tell you that
I still love you,
I wish you hadn't gone,
Just listen hard enough to realise these truths,
You know we all care…
:iconalatariel-luinwe:Alatariel-Luinwe 8 35
Silver scales
The silver scales under my skin,
Pierce and puncture me,
The metal fibres that twist throughout my body,
Hold me rigid,
While the puppet-like strings keep me standing,
Flickering images of people once known,
Now lost
But captured forever,
Lay hidden in the case of my mind,
You're the only light in this city of darkness,
Shielding me from all that poisons my soul,
The four walls that close in every time I shut my eyes
Only cease when you're here,
As the metal enters my blood I see now,
How I need you,
The scales restrict me from saying to you
What I want,
Their my binding,
Can I never be free,
Free from all that haunts me in the darkness
That surrounds me each time you leave…
:iconalatariel-luinwe:Alatariel-Luinwe 0 14
Cradled in the winds embrace,
Softly carried away,
They whisper,
And between the trees,
They can be heard,
Finding their way…
Softly pouring out,
Dreams that are yet to pass,
How un-cried tears,
Will fall,
Before they're through,
For the time of shadows begins,
Nothing can change these truths,
They whisper of deceit and lies,
And sing of ancient tales,
Their mournful song invades your mind,
It's inescapable,
Your weakness provides,
What they need,
And they thrive on your only breaking point,
It's now a whisper,
That's left unsaid,
Only the memories are real,
Memories of the dead,
As they tear out all your feelings,
And learn all your secrets,
Nothing is kept safe,
They hear all,
The constant beat of your heart,
The sounds of life,
We lie and think,
In our minds confinement,
What's become of our world?
Now darkness takes the throne.
:iconalatariel-luinwe:Alatariel-Luinwe 2 38
Wilted Rose
Just a rose,
Wilting under the pressure,
That I have upon me,
Weighing me down,
Dragging in the mud,
All my feelings,
Everything I've ever felt,
And ever known,
Waiting to be collected,
After this storm.
Life's tune is left unsung,
When striding out alone,
It dies,
Nobody notices,
Nobody cares,
Just one rose,
Out of thousands,
Because of them.
:iconalatariel-luinwe:Alatariel-Luinwe 1 35
Weird picture of me by Alatariel-Luinwe Weird picture of me :iconalatariel-luinwe:Alatariel-Luinwe 0 61



United Kingdom
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Favourite photographer: Richard Avedon.
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Ok i know ive bean fully shizzle and havent used DA for a looong time but i needed some time to get over some stuff and move on.
Im really sorry i havent bean able to look at all your work and know i feel ive missed out on so much but hopefully know im back properly and i will be able to check out all the new stuff.
Hope your all super doooper =).
Love love love.
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