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The Ukes Talk End

Last Page lolx!!! Hope you guys like it XD

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I had a great laugh reading this story/doujinshi (?).
BlackHeart-Lover013's avatar
hehe XD lol Roxas better have a good excuse...
Naruslittlewolf's avatar
Ooooooohhh sooooomeones in the doghouse.....
EmokoX's avatar
XoXAnimeXoX2's avatar
Aww, Sora that's becuse he knows you're the cutest already!! (heh..heh..)
SNForEvah's avatar
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............stupid icon
LoveYuki-chan's avatar
omg I LOVE it!!!!!! :iconheartplz:
Yes Roxas, why? =D

Pure win! All of it!!
kandra's avatar
Hahahaha; I love the ending... how Sora is asking Roxas why he didn't "defend" him... xD
Digi-Computer's avatar
Man,Seeing Them Naked Is Giving Me A Nosebleed....(Not Roxas Of Course!^^)
YUki-n0-Hime's avatar
Roxas gonna be in for it... hope Sora's not going to be hard on him... *sigh*

Nice doujin... I was laughing my ass off for this! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! My stomach hurts!!!!!
apol8mlyn's avatar
You better run away roxas! XD I love the doujin great job! :)
Gaara-san's avatar
ObliviousMoon's avatar
Loved this!
It was so funny. :w00t!:
zendra13's avatar
and in the end the uke wins! ha ha great comic!
o-heart-o's avatar
Awww poor Sora X3

Greeeaat comic btw!~ I really enjoyed it! [after I stopped the nosebleeds X3]
myu-kun's avatar
._. I really liked the whole doujinshi and I'm surprised it's not more popular than that.... The drawings are very well done and everything = D

It made me laugh a lot xD
KayzoK's avatar
ow... my sides, they hurt... this was amazing!~ i don't think i've laughed that hard in a long while!
Alasse-Tasartir's avatar
lolx, be careful. Glad that I can let you laugh ^^
Kessaria-Aurion's avatar
xD This made me happy! x'D ROFL! <3 I loved this. <3
ninja-wolfy's avatar
love it is funny
Snowflavor's avatar
I :heart: this whole comic!
It's hilarious! :rofl:
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