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I'll find her!

*inner screaming*

Saw Frozen yesterday. I was SO looking forward to that film! SOOOOO much. There were things that really annoyed me, but oherwise? I loved it! Should have been doing tons of other things. Had to draw Hans anyway. I loved him since the start, loved him till the end. <3 Not that I wouldn't like the other characters. They're all so great! But this walking advertisement for Max Factor, Rimmel, L'Oréal simply took over my heart. :D Not to mention he looks like Graham - one of my OCs, so much.. Aaaand I'm still experimenting with styles. :3
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Amazing job! :) that plot twist ruined the movie for me, Hans should have been good, anyways you drew him well :D
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Hahaha, I like him the way he is. He messed up everything I hoped for, but well.. :D Thank you. =)
Hans:I love you,Queen Elsa! Elsa:wtf!!!
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So beautiful. :)
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Thank you very much!! =)
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Am I the only one that thinks that his horse looks like Jimber from Horseland?
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Probably yes? I have never heard of that before. :'D
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This Hans is so handsome!!!!:happybounce: Nice Work!!!
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STUNNING!!! This is done in a very professional way, very nice composition and the lighting I would say is spot on! :clap: you could defiantly work for DISNEY!!! KEEP IT UP, AND YOU WILL GO  FAR!!! :dance:
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Oh thank you very much! You make me feel really honoured! n_n
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Welcome, you deserve every word of it :D :clap:
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Great drawing!!! =D
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You're very welcome! =D
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I think he loved her , but he loved the most to be lonely king !
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Well, maybe? Who knows.
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Nice art btw ^^
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Love it!
Hans is probably my favorite bad guy.
I'm also glad this 'type' of bad has been put out there, the slyness, trickery, and taking advantage of kindof people are one of the most dangerous threats to women...and men as well, nowadays. Stay aware!
(hopefully that made sense)

-The Ancient Wyrm
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Thank you very much!
Yep, tell me about that. I love him. Exactly what you said. =) And don't worry, it makes sense. ;)
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Oh yes <3
I love hans, so so much.
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