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It's been a LONG time since I last posted any illustration here and it seriously hurts me, because I kept deviantArt as my personal base, portfolio and I just... I just loved this site. People somehow seemd to care about my own characters, my own original art and the nostalgy dwelling in this place made it all seem right. I spent most of artistic life here. HOWEVER. It seems that It's time for me to move on. DevArt won't let me submit anything here. It's some sort of bug I presume, but it just doesn't work. I tried a few times, tried using stash, turning off the eclipse. Nothing. Doesn't work. So I guess the time has come. (Which is sad bc I was hoping for the new layout and design of devArt for so long and now when it's here, I can't enjoy it.) As of lately I have been very active at twitter, where the majority of FFXV community resides, I am somehow active on the instagram and sometimes I post something to tumblr and facebook. Where I am most active however, is my PATREON. I
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