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What if... Twilight Sparkle was born a pegasus

This is one of my favorite “What if?” because it sparkles a lot of questions on the side. And that’s pretty much all I doodled the last few days.

If you want to find the bun:
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She'd be a better flyer. ;p
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She looks very determined and heroic.
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This is definitely a fun concept & the change in her expression is what I love with how you showed that!
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If anybody is interested, Twilight is a pegasus in story Rainbow Unicorn: Friendship is Magic
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Well, school for gifted unicorns would be out of the question. Unless there's a school for weather manipulation (which is basically pegasus magic) somewhere in Equestria.
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Twilight Galewind was always a weak flyer. However she made up for it with her devotion to studies in weather paterns and science. Her studies of the sky above however not limmited itself to the atmosphere, but also included the sky above. It was a long night of studying the moon and its lore that led her to fly down to Ponyvile in a attempt to warn the Princess of her findings. 

After arrival she was quickly kept occupied by Pinkie Pie. Which insisted she helped with the preparations for the Summer Sun Celebration. Hoping to warn the organisators of the event she went along with it. Meeting Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Fluttershy. She failed however to warn the town of the attack and Nightmare Moon managed to capture the princess and disrupt the festivities.

Later, Twilight and her friends learn of the Elements of Harmony and set out to find them in the Everfree forest. Where she learned of their respective elements and managed to defeat Nightmare Moon and became the bearer of the element of the magic of friendship. Not willing to part with her new friends, she then opted to take a job at the Ponyville weather patrol and her love for studying lead her to move in the old abandoned Library in town. She was quickly joined by Moondancer and Spike. The princess student and her aide which Celestia send over to study the elements and the magic of friendship. 
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That's a clever adaptation for pegasus Twilight.
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> sparkles a lot of questions

I see what you did there...
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         Chibi Twilight Sparkle Icon 
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