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The fierce Ronin

Doing the Daily cute to have a break with the commissions.
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1 of 3 incredible pieces I'm :+favlove: from you! You could not capture the awesomeness that is her so perfectly in anything else! She completely fits the Ronin theme. (And the bits of sticky rice on her face give her a touch of cute that makes this impossible to not :+favlove: like, at all.)
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Well I just found my favorite Rainbow Dash fanart. 
vash755's avatar
The name's Mitsurugi, remember it!
SuperSayian5Naruto's avatar
AWESOME! Lovezzzz IT!!! XD :D
Ashoof's avatar
love the way the wind seems to play around her and her  hair. makes perfect sense.
Amber2003's avatar
she looks like the fruit ninja sensei
ColorRainboom's avatar
I think she would be a lot like Zorro, just that she uses one sword instead of three and has a better orientation.:iconyeahplz:
trinson's avatar
RD - What?  How sharp is my sword?  It's not sharp at all.  It's a reverse blade sword.  Just call me Rainbownin Kenshin, the 20% cooler wandering swords pony.  I even have a better looking ponytail.  ;P
Rebron-y's avatar
Freaking awesome!
cajobif's avatar
"Mmmmm... That rice thing tastes.... pretty good. I hope you got more, 'cause I can't fight when I'm hungry."

I like the idea. She could make a good Ronin.

BEautiful work
TheFerbguy's avatar
This reminds me of Jubei from Ninja Scroll.
Leoliss's avatar
I wonder, where is the other geta?
TheElusiveBadger's avatar…

I can't be the only one who thought of Mitsurugi.
ElementOf-Loyalty's avatar
Dash eating a rice ball with a powerful weapon like that beside her is so intense,even though she is deadly cute.

I bet she pops her blade with her wing only to grab it with her teeth if a fool decides to poke her the wrong way.

Can you Imagine Soarin trying to balls up to approach this Alpha to ask her to a simple meal?
Maybe she would go for a session of Hot Sake?
yaluckyboy09's avatar
please tell me Pinkie is a heavily armored Samurai swinging around a giant Kanabo
Alasou's avatar
I have something in mind a little bit different for her =)
DJPON3VYNIL's avatar
She looks cool! Youre taking a break from commissions?
Alasou's avatar
By that I mean "stopping the commission I'm working on to do something less stressful and relax a little bit"
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