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The daily ninja


With Japanese as a theme, I had to draw a ninja.

(spoiler alert, Fluttershy is NOT a real ninja. We can see her.)
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What can i say of this picture? It is beautifull! I really love this. Just .. o my god. Fluttershy is a spy? XD I really like the details. And the colors are perfect.
And her eyes .. it's just beautifull! And she is cute tho. And dat ears .. hng . It's just cute. This is really nice art. I hope you make more art like this ! You really have talent so enjoy your perfect work! I hope you got much love of people who saw this. And much feedbacks and favs xd
i will add this to my favs

Greetings of iigenerosityii hehe
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Firstly i have to say that this peace is adorable and now onto the proper critique.
I will start with the basic of the pose that you had chosen for this peace which suits both Fluttershy and a ninja it is both graceful as well as ready to attack.
The shading in this peace is great but as well it has some errors and mistakes (mainly in the tail and hair) but they can be overlooked as those parts are difficult to make them look good and suit with the art peace, as well staying on the hair there are few mistakes which are only visible on zoomed in image as well as the white hair on the head which i guess is on purpose which also adds this strange appealing thing about it and draws my eyes to wards it and than to rest of the peace (that might be just me).
The next thing is the eyes and the face which really draws the eyes of the watcher to it (it might be mainly the blue of the eyes compared to the purple/black of the ninja gear) the eyes them self which are simplistic which seams to have the star as she has in the cartoon the only drawback with her eyes is the clear color lines which could been blended a little bit but as well that could ruin them.
Finally before i finish the two areas that i think could been done differently are the hooves and the wings, on the hooves you could have done some kind of shoes over lapping the ends of the costume as well as for the wings which could be covered with the fabric but again that could ruin the look of this peace.

Good job on this drawing.
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She may be holding that shuriken, but I'd still run up and hug her. She is SO adorable.
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Umm... Is it alright if I sneak up on you?
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cutest kunoichi ever XD
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Cuteness is the most deadliest ninja weapon of all... :ninja:
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...Hi Pinkie Pie
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Fluttershy is cute as a Ninja
You don't really know what a ninja is.
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Its just art gosh.
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OMG!!! She looks awesome as a ninja!!! Looove it!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:
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Sure. You see her now. Just wait 'til night falls...
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Can your art seriously get any cuter...? *o*
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:iconfluttershyshyplz::iconsaysplz: Um. I'm going to throw this shurikan at you if that's okay with you.

*She throws it, and it travels no more then a foot from her mouth

*You go over and hug her for trying.
You don't use shurikens as weapons rather a utility like you can throw them at the enemies foot the hurt their foot so they can't walk or something.
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forget hugs.
you'd die from HNNG.
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cutest ninja ever 
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"U-um ... excuse me ... may I kill you? O-only if you don't mind of course!"
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I approve that concept
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Cute :D
Great drawing!
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Myth: All ninjas are invisible.
Fact: Some ninjas are invisible. the rest simply wipe our memories with their cute, mesmerizing eyes.

...That's strange, I can't recall what the artwork for this page was... 
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I love it super job
She is cute but deadly just too perfect
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Being able to see her isn't really what convinces me that Fluttershy is not a real ninja. It's the fact that she's simply just too gentle to be a ninja. My theory is that perhaps she tried and failed to be a ninja.

Although, if Fluttershy were a real ninja, she would be the most adorable ninja in existence. And she would also be the best ninja in existence because all other ninjas just wouldn't have the heart to kill her. If she were a Naruto style ninja, she'd probably end up being a medical ninja.
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