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The Fearless Monk

By Alasou
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I wasn’t happy with yesterday’s daily cute. Both idea and technique. So I decided to do something different for Applebloom. But watching the result… Maybe I have a problem with Applebloom :/
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I am new to Critiquing, but I'll give it a shot. So let us begin.

As digitally-created art, I believe it must be measured separate from traditional media. Though I have very little experience with making digital art, I can tell you've emphasized the medium well; not to overstated, marked with subtly transcending lines.

The preciseness of the lines mixes extremely well with your theme. When I think Japan, I feel a quiet certainty brewing within the intangible realm of the piece's emotion.

There isn't an story explicitly stated here; normally, I would dismiss it by my preference of embedding such a story in my own work. That wouldn't be very fair, though; this is not my work *states obvious*. But with the Japanese motif mixing with the calm of the pose, expression, line work... This image is remarkably harmonious.

Taking attention to Applebloom herself, the shadows on her clothes meld with the folds of the clothes smoothly; I have immense respect towards anyone who can make clothes believable, as it's a skill I am sadly lacking at.

If I was forced to pick out anything wrong, then I would have to say the background, while appropriate for a Japanese theme, could be even better if it was taken beyond just a suggestion. It seems to visually clash with the solid color and line thickness in Applebloom, interrupting the otherwise excellent harmony of the image. In my mind, light watercolor effects would work well. The square-like shape behind her could be a waterfall, or a curtain.
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The umbrella yokai who's name escapes  me (kasabosu?) looks especially awesome here. Your Japan pictures really hit the nail on the head.
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Must copy your style!
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SuperSayian5NarutoProfessional Writer
SO freaking awesome :D :D :DLove Meow :3 La la la la Oops! I think I've fainted. Heart 
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...with the creepy hat.
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If you meet a buddha, cut him down. If you meet a demon, cut him down.
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That umbrella... has an eye...

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Its a type of yokai, I think it is a kasabosu but i might not be remembering the name correctly. The idea of them is that if an umbrella is lost and alone long enough, it will turn into that yokai and wander around trying to be useful to someone. Supposedly they look like normal umbrellas most of the time but every so often they look like that. One eye, one mouth and one leg. They are really awesome.  
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ElementOf-LoyaltyHobbyist Artist
Whoa,her eyes are infecting me with a sense of calm,this is how she defeats an enemy.Like being hypnotized.
Such a cute warrior.
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Holy crap, I feel a wave of nostalgia coming from this drawing but I can't put my finger on it. I want to say it has something to do with a pipe or a yo-yo
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Ganbare Goemon (Mystical Ninja)?
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Yes, thats the one. 
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