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I’m a looser. I didn’t took the time to draw the daily cute for the next days. I’ll try to do it when I’ll be away. Some of you gave me great ideas. (one including Twilight in a cat suit. I don’t know if I will draw it, it could be lethal)
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Ah, the episode that made me a brony. Couldn't watch it straight because I was laughin too much. The crazier her face got the harder I laugh.
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See, animators, it IS possible to draw Twilight looking crazy without going into the Uncanny Valley!
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I think her smile need to beee...wider...This seem abit tamed Ó u ò
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Don't consider yourself as such. Your art is so beautiful, we all can stand to wait for a little while.
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I'm not sayin' Crazy Twi is best Twi, but it's on the list.
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I like it. You should try drawing it when she says, "clock is ticking." Btw, it's *loser. Sorry, I'm a Grammar Nazi.
no... you're not a looser, even if you don't do one for one day, it will be fine ^.^ just like Celestia said in Lesson 0 episode... You only have 

From this day forth, I would like you all to report to me your findings on the magic of friendship, when, and only when, you happen to discover them.
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instantly reminded me of Lesson Zero, one of my all time favourite MLP episodes ^>^
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