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Portal is a great game.
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I bet Pinkie will befriend all turrets and cores on her way, and than just pop up in Glados' room with all her new friends to throw her a party.

It would take for Glados to shot only one missile at Pinkie, and all the turrets will make tons of holes in her metalic body. 
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I think we can put our differences behind us, for science.
You monster.
LisaWolf's avatar
Yep... that seems about right.
Tineid's avatar
The turrets make the cutest noise when you put them through the material emancipation grill.
And then you feel bad.
Quavera-Tava's avatar
Oh yeah, yes it is! :D 
and then she forged an alliance of friendship with the turrets and Glados assuring her take over all of Aperture. The End.
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just played it last week (and finished the two in only one weekend)
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It's possible to beat the first Portal game without killing a single turrent, and it's not even that hard once you know where they're standing. You just have to outmaneuver them and place them facing a wall.
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I only know Portal from those MLP fan-videos, but Pinkie is sure adorable in this.
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Those shoe thingies actually work REALLY well for ponies.
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I was just about to say.
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best crossover ever!!!
Cute!                                                                                                           :pinkiepie: 
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I never thought of this.  Sorta' wonder what it'd be like.
IttybittyLexy's avatar
I can imagine the adorable gentle voice of the turrent saying that to pinkie This is so cute.
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Best Pinkie and best game!! I loove it :happybounce: 
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This is so Pinkie, hugging the turrets.
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And Pinkie is a great pony!
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