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The benefice of being "Appletini"

Not being able to decide between a few ideas made me draw something else totally unrelated...


So, I'm a 3 000 followers on my tumblr . I will do a proper post about that and a raffle, I think. (not totally sure yet how) I also will reopen commission very soon. And with steam sales, I bought a few games. It means I won't even try to draw the daily cute everyday. (I mean, without excuses) So it will just be "cute" for a few days.
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mmmm Applebutter, tasty! Not that I would know, though. One day I shall sample it
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Dawww... ApplejackLove 
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"Oh apple butter, you are my only friend."
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This is satisfying 
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Nutella Jack! :D
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Apple Peanut Butter?
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This is so funny

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Her face just says, "My life is now complete."
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Apple butter, or apple sauce? Applejack would like all! ^^
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Applejack: I feel so bad... sooo bad... more!
You drew her in such a nice position!
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I feel the need to point out apple-butter and apple-jam aren't yellow, but this is really really cute.  *w*
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That is just soooo adowable.
Cute.                                                                                                                           :applejack: 
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AJ: Push me, an then jus touch me, till ah can get mah satisfaction.

Lol. And I take it that's a jar of applebutter as well. Very funny pic here Alasou. Nice one.
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Might as well take advantage of a bad situation :D
i love that satisfied expression
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peanut butter on apples. best snack ever.
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The Apple is happy. Congrats on your 3000 followers, and I hope figuring out how to raffle goes smoothly! ^v^
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That is jut insanely adorable. I think my heart might burst just looking at it.

Thanks for the good art, sir.
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That expression is just the best
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