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Rarity's Designer dream

Design for one of the posters I sold at Galacon. I am not sure yet what I will do with the left overs
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"Why I'm still here? Just to suffer?"
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deep inside. AJ is loving it right now.
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Aww, those alternate versions of Dashy are adorable! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
Dang now I know why people love appledash so much she looks good as a cow girl
karkovice1's avatar
Of course, Twilight would go for the nerdy look. =P
The4thHomunculus's avatar
"Rainbow Dash Always Dresses In Style" was always true. There's no avoiding it, RD. xD
FlareEmerald77's avatar
Rainbow Dash (sad) plz Why must I suffer!?! I don't like modeling!
But I didn't listen (Fluttershy) PLZ KEEP THE BUNNY SUIT!
mandrill's avatar
Dash patiently awaits her fate (or she's planning a quick escape as soon as she make that happen).  I love how this drawing tells a story. Plus it's adorable.  Great job!
kylemon73's avatar
I'm reminded of the gen 3 line
MusicRainbow dash always dresses in style Music 
cajobif's avatar
Dash lost a bet again it seems.

Wonderful work
jyroman53's avatar
Now I wonder what kind of story is behind RD being the test model for rarity
karkovice1's avatar
Probably lost a bet. =P
SnapCentino's avatar
The beans got spilled about RD's impressions during Newbie Dash while Rarity was sweet-talking [Insert Wonderbolt Here]. And then, INSPIRATION!
jyroman53's avatar
Ooooh right ! gotta rewatch dat episode
ABrightSide's avatar
I guess when you're gonna imitate your friends, go all the way. :)
Rainbow seems to be good in everything. The only question this leaves is just what would Rarity put her in?
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YUS! Rarity sees it! The opportunity of cuteness!
auren-dawnstar's avatar
It's pretty funny how true the joke "Rainbow Dash always dresses in style" actually is considering she can rock just about any outfit she's given.

Of course that doesn't mean she has to be enthusiastic about it.
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