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Rainbow Dash's secret

Rainbow Dash’s little secret. And yes, it was for patreon last month.
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She looks so adorable!
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Haha, it's like me when I sleep ^^;

Admittedly, Dash looks much cuter~
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PrismaticAngel's avatar
STUFFIES! KAWAII~! (Yes she's an egoist, but it's still adorable) And I spy a Scoots plush~
ABrightSide's avatar
(sees a RD plushie) Freakin' egoist.
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
That's just too cute... even for you!
Kyoshyu's avatar
Aaaaaaw. And that little Scootaplush. :)
your opinion is shit.
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redfoxj's avatar
This. Is. So. Cute. Hngh. ~<3
jyroman53's avatar
So ye like plushies dashie ?
herostalker's avatar
Fluttershy: Rainbow why didn't you want to tell Twilight the stuffed animal in her bedroom came from your collection?
Rainbow Dash: I'm... just not ready to tell them about it.
Maddog3060's avatar
My heart a-splode
Paulicus1's avatar
Plushie pile ermegersh!

Also, RD has a plush of herself xD
cajobif's avatar
Adorable Dash. Brash, arrogant and always hiding this side of her over layer of lies and awesomeness.

Of course Pinkie Pie knows about it, but she is a great friend who knows how to keep her friends' secret.

I'd see a Daring Do plush there too.
NickLozano2793's avatar
I Sleepless in Ponyville, there was a teddy bear in the tent she shared with Scootaloo. It was in between her and Scoots, and it's unknown who's it is.

Before I gave it a 50% chance of it being Dash's. Now I give it 55%.
MeLikeEatWafflez's avatar
Rainbow Dash owns a Rainbow Dash Plushie? That's... Pretty cool... I want a Plush of myself...
Radzha's avatar
Voodoo style.
kxp71's avatar
I want to hug her and every stuffed animal :love:
ZiddersRoofurry's avatar
Oh my gosh you are just the best <3
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