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I see portal comments. Pinkie doesn't need portals to do such things.
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Now she's thinking with portals !
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Oh! So that's where I left my portal gun.
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Pinkie no! That's not... Hey, give me some.
4you90's avatar…
Someone wanted an animation of this, here you go :)
P.S. It soon will be deleted, so hurry up)
Reactor33's avatar
That's so adorable I want to smash my monitor simply to pet it.

Too bad I can't smash my monitor to pet it, because it DOESN'T EXIST!

I'm sorry, I wanna touch a pone. :c
Cute.                                                                                                                                                                                         :pinkiepie: 
n0tsaved's avatar
Those eyes look almost blank and empty, despite everything going on in them.
hypershock0's avatar
Pinkie, how many times have I told you to stop eating yourself!!!!! lol
tyruvelp's avatar
1) cutie mark

2) this needs animation of her walking across the screen (why has no one done this yet?) 
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does it taste like cotton candy?
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Now you're thinking with Pinkie!
Hiago117's avatar
God damn, I love Pinkie!
TooCliched's avatar
I'm guessing Pinkie found a portal from the Portal series. xD
ZerotheWanderer's avatar
Pinkie doesn't need portals, are you new here?
TooCliched's avatar
Nope. She is just using portals to break the law of physics...again.
General5's avatar
So sweet! Wait... where's her cutie mark?
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Great ^^ But you should add a portals ;)
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