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It s not going back to sleep

By Alasou
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It's taking an early nap."

Something simple, I style trying this style without lineart.
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Hey, this looks pretty good without lineart. To be honest, I don't even miss it this time.
Her mane and wings look much more detailed than in your previous drawings and the visible body parts, though not many, are well separated from each other through proper shading so that the viewer can clearly recognize what is where. For example, her eye is well defined. So is the general shape of her head. Even the fluff in her ear is visible without any difficulty.

What I instantly noticed about her wings is that you drew them rather "spikey" than rounded. And even though the top layer (since their wings apparently are divided into two parts?) looks a teenie tiny bit flat, it's still there and obviously part of the wing. The wings' new proportion, caused by the spikey shape, greatly contributes to the general proportions of the pony and makes it more believable that they can actually carry the body. Not to mention that it also looks more impressive. Summed up, you really enhanced the wings without leaving both your and the show's style.

Now the mane. I see that you drew stray flicks of hair, overlapping the bordering color. That works great to make it look three dimensional and more like actual hair instead of "plastic". The shading / highlighting does the rest. While it worked on RD's mane, I'm not sure how it works on monochrome manes as it'd be more difficult to make this effect visible without the contrast of another underlying color. But you definitely made a step in the right direction.

Overall, the drawing looks coherent. Nothing seems off, everything fits together.
The only thing that slightly confused me was the global light source. I had difficulties to make out where it is, but that's probably my own fault. Umm... it's in the "top left corner", behind and above the viewer, right?

So... Whatever you did with the wings and hair, you did well and improved a lot, in my opinion. Not only in lineless art, but also in general shapes and proportions. Keep that as a basis for further practice.
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five minutes more