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Fluttershy in bunny hoodie.

By Alasou
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Something simple.
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redfoxjHobbyist Digital Artist
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For a simple piece, I don't think a critique was necessary. Then again, you might be the kind of artist who loves feedback from an honest artist. I'm not a brony but I am familiar with the fandom and the characters. First I'll start with the criticism...

The hood looks like jelly because of the highlight you put on the sleeve and ears and the roundness of all the edges. I see fabric being a little less highlighted but more crosshatched. The face looks a little plain. Where's her hair and tail? Details would help (not tremendous details but small ones). However, it reminds me of Winnie the Pooh, the carrot in pocket is a nice touch, and the shadowing on her fur (?) is great. The Vision is clear to me, but originality and technique could use some work.

You get 5 stars for Impact because even a non-brony like me couldn't resist the alluring adorableness of Fluttershy in a hoodie with bunny ears. And because you kept it simple, it's easy for anyone to look at this and get daaaw'd over time and again. Looking at the comments, the daaaw effect is spreading like a virus.

Considering your gallery, I see you are a talented one. I really have an admiration for your style because it's so delicate. I hope you plan on revisiting this piece; I might try it myself (with due credit to you).
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I feel that more of  a cut onsie.... 
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ElementOf-LoyaltyHobbyist Artist
That's the last straw.I have got to buy a baby hoodie for my BABW Fluttershy.
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Simple, yet irresistibly cute! X3
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felifanHobbyist Artisan Crafter
trop cute^^
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theis is ADORABLE!

on a scale from 1 to 10 of cuteness i would say INFINITY AND BEYOND XD
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Can I survive this? HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG! *dead* Nope XD
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redfoxjHobbyist Digital Artist
Nurse: What's the diagnosis doctor?
Doc: It appears like an aneurysm burst from view too much cute content.
Nurse: In other words...?
Doc: Adorableness Overkill again.
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hug her! Hug her now!
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draneasHobbyist Digital Artist
*Faints because of cuteness*
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D'awww That so cute! ^^
Simply adorable!
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he he he this is so cute
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AffinityShy Filmographer
Dawww... The hoodie's too big for little Fwuttershy! :iconfluttersoawesomeplz: Well done!
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AlasouHobbyist Digital Artist
I've always thought that too big clothes was the cutest thing possible.
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AffinityShy Filmographer
Agreed! I wonder if clothes that are too big AND large adorable eyes may be so cute that hearts explode.
Idea for an experiment!
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ArkAngel04Hobbyist Writer
Well, that's it, This is the Fluttershy picture that kills me.
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My heart AND my pancreas just skipped town!
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SonicwackoHobbyist General Artist
Aww... Really cue!
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SonicwackoHobbyist General Artist
Cute. Hehe...
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is adorable
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