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Fancy way to read


If I could stay on clouds, I would probably read like that until passing out.

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I think I just might try something like that. Hopefully I won't break my spine...
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what is the software you use to this photo? ^-^
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PaintTool SAI
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I'm on my phone like that XD
I love the freedom this implies.
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best way to read!
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Looks kinda funny when you flip her up.
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Best reading position!
          Chibi Rainbow Dash Icon 
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After many attemps.... and obvious falls, she finally managed it.

Just don't give her a boring one to read. Works flawlessly with Daring Do books.
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Twilight: "Rainbow, you drop one more book and you can't borrow anymore."
Dash: "It's not like anything bad happened!"
Twilight: "There's a crater in town square! Don't you know anything about physics?"
Dash: "...Egghead..."
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It's all good, until somepony drops a book. Love the picture. Love 
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What a goofy girl,I love you for making this adorable scene.
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