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Picture for the raffle winner: Samofbob
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I want you back!!!
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Pinkie Pie loves a good party...and she figures: what's a good party without music?
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Vinyl Scratch wasn't available, so Pinkie Pie is channeling her magic talent.
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Awesome one!! I love it!
Deadaccountuwu's avatar
She done killed the dj for new party equipment
Z4K474K's avatar
awwww, this is just >PERFECT<
Wisp-on-Paper's avatar
The rave is real with DJ-Pink in the house!
kwdispirited's avatar
this is so awesome !
EverlastingJoy's avatar

Awesome pic! It's Pinkie at a rave; can't go wrong with that.
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Nice.                                                                                                         pinky pie party canon emoticon 
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Wait... is 'My Little Kitty' actually becoming a thing??

Would make an interesting spinoff, come to think of it...
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That is a damn cute DJ Pinkie, ain't gonna lie, she'd be hit up by so many guys at the club. XD 
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Surprisingly sexy!!
MidnightBlitzz's avatar
Best rapper and now best Dj too haha x3
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AHHH! It is so dang cute!
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I support this ^^
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