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Bearded Apple


Another week of portraits, this time for people allergic to razors and other shaving tools.

drawn for patreon the 14-12-2015
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I'm not allergic to shaving tools, but I hate shaving (sadly, I'm currently unemployed and looking for a job so I must-increases a chance of employment). Plus without beards I look too young. Big Mac's beard is the kind of beard I have usually have in the winter time.
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All he needs now is a corncob pipe and a battered old straw stetson, and the image will be complete.
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Ew, this apple is fuzzy. Send it back and get me a fresh one.
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LOL! Are you gonna beard every stallion too? XD
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Most majestic scruffy beard ever!
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Everything gets mysteriously better with dem BEARDS Beard 
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Oh yeah, ladies love beards hahaha
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As if he needed to be anymore manlier. coolrudeshadesplz 
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Eh...not bad. Not style I would go with but I think he could rock a beard. I mean I've seen this fan art of Link from Zelda rocking a pretty epic beard himself. ^.^
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So when Mac's hair gets above an inch high it turn bright orange?Awesome.
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Gosh, this is genius! N thought about BigMac with Beard but now it´s just obviously.
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Majestic as fuck Finas la 
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