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Age spell : Second chance

Everybody deserve a second chance. And if you add an age spell in the process, it’s more fun.

It took me more time than expected. Specially since I don’t have put much effort on a few details. I blame Adventure time for that. And maybe it’s a little too bright.
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Makenshi179's avatar
I love the idea behind this so much!! Well done! A good Trixie with an age spell... This was really well-thought! Also implying she and Twilight have come to very good terms... Twilight's waving is beautiful and meaningful! I gotta love those "artworks with a story"...
The-Dark-Moon-Child's avatar
Someone should make a fanfic of this.... I'd read the hell out of it
Makenshi179's avatar
Yeah agreed, this artwork is so inspiring for a beautiful story about Trixie and Twilight, and how they would support each other... :)
ShaD-23's avatar
I like this idea
SkyHeavens's avatar
I could need a second chance too~ ;A;
A cute picture of the tiny and adorable Trixie! :giggle: 
CaptainPrower's avatar
And apparently, a memory-erasing spell as well.
FacilierFan93's avatar
Was this an accidential or a forced age spell?
ThePhoenixKing32's avatar
I WOULD LOVE TO SEE AN EPISODE ABOUT THIS!!! *Looks around and blushes* Umm... Yes. *Coughs* Sorry.
Their cheeks look freaky...
NavitasErusSirus's avatar
I actually agree with the screaming people, Trixie was young enough as it was to discover herself again, not everybody/pony finds what they want the moment they hit 18/19/20. The picture is good, amazing in fact, but I don't like the concept much at all, it's quite sad :c, and definitely something I don't think Twilight would agree to do.
Dawnthebarrel's avatar
twilght is a mom now
sunstar989's avatar
You should write stories about these age spells I think they would be very popular.
Mix-Match-Girl23's avatar
Twixie disapproves
MonotonyArt's avatar
Scoot aint buyin' it.
Fenwolf2003's avatar
More than a bit creepy.
RoxieTheRockstar's avatar
zeldafan22's avatar
Its so happy I want to cry
Brainstormer623's avatar
This is adorably ingenious!
Dielol0000's avatar
i rly need a age spell!
K4nK4n's avatar
This is the most adorable picture of Trixie I've ever seen! Despite the fact that I hate her so much, Trixie just looks so loveable here.
saiintbernard's avatar
i just want to say.... CUTE!
pastapiggypiggy's avatar
wow i am speechless.... X3
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