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TL;DR: i hate the eclipse theme. i want to love it and i know it's in beta so there's definitely stuff they can change, but i want to love it now and be able to be open minded to it but i don't know how and, seeing how much there is that they probably won't change, it's hard to even imagine deviantart being like that forever.
so, please, change my mind? help me love it? convince me that it doesn't suck donkey?

while reading multiple journals to release & flare my seething rage, i found this and i'm so scared and hope it's not true:

if that is true and eclipse is anything like how it is now, i think that i might leave deviantart. i guess i'm going to wait until it's set in stone but i'm really fond of the current theme. it's not that i don't like change, just i'm not so smart and the new site was difficult and cramped. the current one is simple and easy to navigate.

anwyay the real rant is below so if you want to read i go ahead, tell me your opinions

okay listen. i don't hate it, but i absolutely gosh dang hate it. i really want to like it, i DO! but right now in the beta form it's so disappointing and i heard that they are going to fix some things like polls and stuff? but that's so lame. my favorite part about dA was all the customization you could do to make your profile unique and different from everyone else's. and don't say that non-core members couldn't- they definitely could, just obviously not on the level that a paid core member could. there are free codes for people to use and are almost as customizable as core ones- just replace images & what not. you don't get a fancy background to your box, but you still get pretty much everything else.
customization is the one and only reason why i bought core. i slaved away at art for a while to even get core for my group so if they're going to change the way groups work too and super group will have no use at all, then that was a complete waste of my time and money. i can picture it now: every single group page having the exact same dull blinding white or pitch black where you can't even read any text. they all look exactly the same: gallery, featured group artworks... horrifying...
i know some people might like the new eclipse look, but for quite a few people it's extremely inconvenient. what's the point of even buying core if the main thing it was used for is going to be wiped out? when you could edit pages, it made each one look unique and special. DEVIANTart is supposed to be different from others. having Every. Single. Page look exactly the same SAVE for a basic header at the top (which, by the way, i think is way too huge...) goes COMPLETELY AGAINST THEIR NAME! the irony! the DICTIONARY definition of DEVIANT:
departing from usual or accepted standards, especially in social or sexual behavior.
"deviant behavior"

i'm hoping that this is just an early april fools joke. if it is, well played, you really had me spooked.


another thing: i really dislike how the new theme is so cramped... the submit part is a complete and utter mess. it's probably just me but i hate that when you go to submit on the eclipse version, 1.) the submit button isn't big and green and you can't tell the difference between all the links, and 2.) the words aren't all the same length. obviously, they can't be the same gosh darn length! the words themselves have different lengths, DUH. but at least on the current theme they aren't centered, they're aligned to the left, and they're all laid out neatly beside each other horizontally rather than vertically. on the current dA theme, i really appreciated how when you wanted to go to your page, all you had to do was click on your icon in the top right. you could even hover to quickly click on your groups, settings, or log out button. also, just aligning the submit text etc. to the left wouldn't make it look better, it should just be in a completely different place. in the same place it was before. ... eclipse shouldn't exist ...


another thing, it's weird but personally the light and dark themes? they suck. the light theme is way too light- it's ALL white and just looks bad. the black theme is literally the darkest black?? it could at least be gray like discord or something. not to mention now that i'm looking at both the dark theme looks JUST LIKE SPOTIFY?? and the entire theme just reminds me of your every day basic social media. it's not SUPPOSED to remind you of anything- "deviant." 
the black clashes way too much with things, for example, that i draw personally- i upload things with transparent backgrounds and, normally, i draw with black lines. a majority of my drawings have black lines and when you go to a drawings page, it really clashes with them because i don't commonly change lineart color or put white highlights around my lines. ALSO I HATE THE WAY THE DEVIANTION PAGES ARE SET UP. it reminds me WAY TOO MUCH of mobile discord which, you probably guess it, i really dislike. i love deviantart so much and it's one of those perfect sites where nothing else is like it and it does it's own thing. it's sad to see it seem as if it was falling back with the others rather than the other social medias attempting to copy it.
and i also really REALLY dislike when you go to someone's gallery how the folders are set up. and when you click on a deviation the related and created by this deviantart section looks nice but the way the deviation itself is set up just looks... BAD. it reminds me too much of, again, mobile deviantart.


on a positive note, i DO like how you can finally heart/favorite comments now. thats totally awesome! but i don't think they should've added that to deviations because that's  honestly kind of dumb. why dont they just keep favorites the way they are?? its not like hearts on deviations are going to do anything special or different than favorites?? the only thing i can imagine them doing is maybe making some other folder but you can just do that with normal favorites.. unless they're getting rid of favorites all together

anyways, yeah. there are still things that i'm kind of upset about but i'm just too tired to talk about them
@/silverpanda94 makes some really good points that i totally agree with in their journal so i mean i guess if you like
reading about how much people dislike the new deviantart eclipse, you can go read their ~very cool journal~ right here:

My Thoughts On DeviantArt EclipseSo, I know I'm not the only one with some.... opinions on this new DeviantArt refresh.  I have been active on DeviantArt posting art (very sporadically I know) for a couple of years now, but I have been active just browsing and enjoying the content of DeviantArt for over a decade now.  And I have some mixed feelings about this redesign.
I understand their intentions don't get me wrong. DeviantArt's design really hasn't changed much in a very long time.  And it does indeed look dated.  But dated isn't always bad. DeviantArt's current design is very nostalgic for many of us, myself included.  But my problem isn't their desire to refresh DeviantArt's look.  

My problem is that the redesign changes so many things about the way the site functions as a whole, and many of them, in my humble opinion, are for the worse.

For starters... what happened to creativity?  The ability to have custom boxes on your page is gone! I may not uti

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GrumpFUZZ Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2018
A few more thoughts: unless they add more features (and good features at that) by stripping customization, which MANY people bought Core for, its likely that Core sales ///AND THEIR PROFIT/// will tank. The fastest way to get to a company's head is through their bottom line, so I wouldn't be surprised if we see some backpedaling unless they implement ways to customize.
alaskii Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yeah, i agree! and unfortunately i read that it's confirmed they aren't added back the custom boxes : ( another thing is they are deleting the old dA layout after a while of eclipse which is kind of sad especially for the people who favor this version over the newer one
JabbyTheWhale Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
send me screen shots pls
marill1 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2018  Student General Artist
yea, eclipse isnt good in my opinion...
AstersCalamity Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Eugh, the part I'm worried about is the background. I draw almost EVERYTHING with black lines and a transparent bg
alaskii Featured By Owner Edited Nov 14, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
definitely! your page is what gives you personality and uniqueness to set you apart from everyone else most of the time before the viewer sees your art. it's still in beta though so there are some things they'll probably tweak but there's no telling how much they'll actually change
i am not looking forward to relearning the site all over again and the current one is sentimental. i think that the new one is too sleek and too... uniform? i can see why some people like it with the headers and stuff but personally i think the site would've been better off with maybe adding a few things to the current dA. maybe a dark theme or even a small page change instead of moving and changing the ENTIRE site
Queen-tzi Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah I don't get why they're trying to change it. I just hope that they won't make us have to switch to Eclipse, I like my DA the way it is now. It's so simple and it's still a pretty nice looking design. I liked how they changed the front page tho, it made that part look a little nicer, but it's nothing worth raving about. 
alaskii Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
LOL omg 
YA LIKE??? do they KNow they are going to lose money or??? 
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