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importantish? updates and junk

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 19, 2015, 9:16 PM
Useless sarcastic shithead

CSS Skin

I'm sorry for the inactivity - this summer was really eventful for me, and school starts this Friday.
I promise to finish up my to-do list this week so I don't blow it off till my next break, in fact I sketched most of them so they should all be done soon.

After I finish up my to-do list, I think I'm going to actually take a break from drawing furries. I honestly feel that I could be spending my time working on art that can benefit me, the only beneficial thing with drawing dogs is internet furry fame + money, and I'm not looking for that right now?
It's really hard to explain what's going on in my mind, being on deviantart stresses me out in a way? It's over run with copycat 13 year olds and whiny "I get what I want" adults; and I don't enjoy the atmosphere?

Sure of course, I'm going to be drawing dogs here and there, but I really need to focus on school because that is way more beneficial/important.
I'm not gone for good either, there will just be more art that I actually enjoy making here instead- and if that is a problem I'm honestly not sorry. 


smoke cigarettes till the day you die

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July 19, 2015


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