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Ayy everyone, so like I said before in a previous journal, my closest irl friend got a little boxer puppy!
Her name is Frances Bean 
Snapchat--4066280818017586822 by alaskass Snapchat--7405711351176671327 by alaskass Bean by alaskass 20150419 115632 by alaskass 20150419 115812 by alaskass

She loves to sleep and cuddle, she's an overall perfect dog 
Aileen and I are pretty low on cash, we don't need anything immediately but she does need the rest of her shots soon (she's too young right now)- We also really need to find a kennel for her to grow into, we have some money saved but not enough right now for the desired one.

If you'd commission me that would be amazing, I still have commission slots open: quick commissions 

BUT if you can donate that would be amazing too, my paypal is
anyone who donates I will do a little pixel or doodle of my favorite character of yours, if you donate a lot I will do a bigger piece and put more time into it. 

Sorry to bug everyone about this, but this is pretty important to me so deal :peace:
thank you everyone who's helping out ❤❤
PHOBlATlC Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2015
Guve me the doggeee
umv Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2015
the pup is so adorbs <3
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April 19, 2015


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