I need a new computer-commission slots still open!
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Published: May 25, 2015
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CSS Skin

pixel dolls and headshot sale - 5 slots each
I normally charge $7-$10 on these but right now they're only $5 each!
*if you want it animated, it'll be an extra $2!
1. @/fennexxfox 
2. @/qeorqia 
All headshots are going for a price of $8! I normally would ask more depending on the character and pose- but for this sale I'm just going to ask for $8 flat!
*If wanted, I can make it without a background color - or I can actually put in a background, like scenery for example.
1. @/foxxies
closedSLOTS || 
1. @/Malamutts - finished     
2. @/purgatoryqueen - finished 
3. @/umv - finished 
4. @/chromeos
5. NecroticXVII 

I am in need of money - I'm not worried about my car anymore because I can't drive it yet and my parents are making no effort to get me behind the wheel. 
So NOW I'm saving up for a new laptop, this laptop currently is crashing a lot, the battery has a short life and the track pad doesn't work. (It's been like this for awhile but since I can still do stuff on it I never bothered to upgrade.) This computer has given me multiple scares lately, it doesn't run as fast as it used to even after I cleaned everything up. 

My goal is to save about $700-$800, I'm not set on a brand or model, but from looking online most laptops that fit my requirements and needs are in this price range. 
Although I would kill to have a Razor Blade like damn 

Also, I don't think I'm going to buy it ASAP, maybe when Christmas comes around and everyone has insane deals~ 
I'll be opening commissions soon, I just need to clear my to-do list before I overwhelm myself. 

smoke cigarettes till the day you die

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pewds has a razor blade computer, and my computer broke too , xD the feels
are killing me and I need money as well man
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alaskassHobbyist Digital Artist
I asked my techy friends about computers and they were like 
"do you have 2-3 grand? because then you can get a REALLY nice laptop"

lmao why are all the nice cool things fucking expensive like 
i need a sugardaddy or something 
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USA has freedom, but we still have to pay for shoit
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alaskassHobbyist Digital Artist
thanks Obama smh