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Miranda Lawson 2

Otra imagen de Miranda Lawson. La primera, aquí: [link]

Mass effect 2

__Bad English_____________

Another image of Miranda Lawson. The first here: [link]

Mass effect 2
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What program do you use to do your 3D art?
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0_0.....I always make her leader of squad 2 in suicide mission....I mean WHO WOULDN't Follow dat!
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touching Mirandas Ass....Heavy Risk....but The Siiiizeee
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cant resist im bi
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My favorite character of all. And of course my sole romanced character. Beautiful as always.
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meen j must tipe with one hand now :)
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................ Sorry about the delay, i needed to roll my tonge back in and lift my jaw off the floor!

Keep up the good work mate!
You must make more of these!
: D
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I will make, don't worry.
Good good.
Hopefully less teasing haha.
Only one way to make this better... put a reverse of Miranda on the opposite side of the Cerberus emblem (front view).
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Miranda just gave me an "around the world boner"
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LOL, I was wondering when Miranda's most famous side would come to light... ;) :)
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She's genetically engineered to have dat ass.
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