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I have revisited a few of my Nocturnes and Dreamscapes (most notably Dark Haze and Ethereal Landscape) for an upcoming show entitled Into The Darkness.  The new versions have the same name but now have (version 2) added at their ends.  The process for these go as follows.
Draw several images on to wet paper.
Take many photographs of the process.
Compile digital images into a new piece.
Print out on to high quality archival paper.
Go back into the printing image with pen and ink.
I find it very interesting the process of creating something with standard art techniques (in this case pen and ink), digitizing, re-imaging via a computer and creating a whole new image, making it physical again, and then returning to the use of standard techniques to finish the piece.  The idea of going tangible, digital, tangible makes for some interesting outcomes.  I will have to do delve into this some more...
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I know it has been a really long time, and I let this site pretty much die.  Since I still have not created my personal webspace (someday and am getting back into the regular creation of art, I thought this will again be the current central location to house my works.  Enjoy the new stuff.
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Finally added some some new images, YES!!
ok i'm not really that excited about the added images, but I am excited about some new art prospects, which are included in the updates.

There are some stills from an animation I did entitled The Persistence of Motion

Some prints I have done
Some photomanipulations, 2 series of 3
Started updating my site with my newest work, which just happens to be the last form of creativity I have done is some time.  Most of these pieces come from my series entitled "Nocturnes and Dreamscapes".   

These abstract images began as depictions of scenes from my dreams accompanied with a airy, dreamlike    background.  Then slowly became less figurative and more abstract.  They also grew in size from as small as 4" x 4" inches to as large as 30" x 40".  The first pieces (the "Nocturne") were done in just ink, but then the complexity increased and so did the means of production.  After compiling over 1000 images for a dreamscape animation, this stock footage became the basis for the second half of the series (the "Dreamscapes"), which were done in using digitized images of my drawings and using photoshop to compose the end results.  The complete series has over 30 pieces, including diptychs and triptychs.  All of which will eventually make its way here.