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Of Lizards

By alarie-tano
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Watercolors, 44 x 31 cm

The beautiful text the right lizard is encircling is by my wonderful friend =starrynienna. Go check out her profile and gallery!
The text on the left side is the translation of an medieval bestiary originally written in latin.

Here again the complete text:
First the excerpt, as we had to shorten her original writing so it would fit on the page.
The lizard is a creature of the light and only warmth filleth it with life. Therefore when the darkness of the night falleth, the lizard shall become petrified and without movement. Alas, it resteth not in its enchanted sleep, and its blood shall turn cold in the dark. Thus it must encounter the heat of its kindred; a touch of its own kin awakenth it from its despair, and its fire warmeth its corpus with life. Its scale shall thus regain its splendor, and its blood shall flow anew in its veins.

And secondly the Original complete text. You can find parts of this still somewhere around the lizzards.
The lizard is a serpent of feet, and thou shalt know it from this: it shineth in the color of the clear lake when the ray of the sun reacheth its wave. For the lizard is a creature of the light; it resteth in the warm, and the ray of the sun filleth it with life. Therefore when the darkness of the night falleth, the lizard becometh petrified and without movement. Alas, its sleep is not one of dreams but akin to death, and it shall not find rest in the hour of the night. Thus it must encounter the heat of its kindred, and the warmth of its own kin alone returneth life to its corpus. Its scale shall thus regain its splendor, and its blood shall flow anew in its veins.
Thus spoketh the prophecy: “With the touch of its skin it shall awake thee, one that breatheth thy fire and knoweth the count of thy scales. For it is thy kindred, from the realms where thou in truth belongst, and it shalt seek thee when thou layest in the dark. Thy confinement shall end at once, and thy misery shall dissolve by the light.”

Texts ©2009 =starrynienna
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This image catches attention immediately. I was simply browsing and saw it and had to look at it.

The amount of detail is exquisite.

The living lizard's face next to the illuminated lizard's face is a brilliant juxtaposition.

The illuminated manuscript is very well executed. I love the details you have included, including the initial T and the scrollwork.

The book appears to be in a modern binding. If the image you were going for is a modern reproduction of a work, you have definitely been successful.

The number of illuminations indicate an unusually expensive book. (And books were ALWAYS expensive.) Even the Book of Kells, which is extremely decorated, did not have such a large number of different images on a page.

It appears that "is" and "bends" uses a descending s. The descending s was not a terminal letter. It was used at the beginning and in the middle of words.
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The terminal s looks just like ours. The initial and medial s was the long, f looking letter.

I just looked at the image again and I am still stunned. It is magnificent.
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Wow thanks a lot for your wonderful critique!

The book is based on a 16th century book I could get my hands on. It could be that it was re-bound in more modern days. I have no informations on that. So I was not going for that look, I just had no clue ;)

Same is true for the number of illuminations and the 's'. It's great to hear the opinion of a true expert! Out of interest: what would the terminating 's' look like?

Thanks a gain for your critique! It's greatly appreciated. :)
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Very Cool. It feels as if it will spring to life at any moment! Love it.
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Amazing work, I love your attention to detail and use of colour.
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Thank you very much :)
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This is absolutely amazing. I would love to see your techniques, if you have any Work-In-Progress scans or photos.

(My first thought when I saw it was "That is incredible - who could possibly - Oh, of course, it's a Hower!" What a small world it is. All of those Flavour of the Month challenges really paid off; your work is phenomenal.)
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ich finde ja mittelalterliche Buchmalereien großartig!
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hi!your work is featured in my journal,hope you don't mind:)
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Of course I don't mind! Thanks a lot for the feature! :)
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Wow! Your colors and details are stunning! I love the illuminated manuscript! :wow:
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Thank you very much!
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Is it possible to purchase this image as a jpeg for use in a textbook? If so, how much would it cost, and (pardon my ignorance here), how would I pay for that? Would I do the "request print" link?
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I keep coming back to this image. It is so memorable.
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Thank you! I'll write a private message about the image use.
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Zauberhafte Arbeit!:heart::clap:
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Kalligraphie und Malerei vereint in wundervollen Farbtönen..
alarie-tano's avatar
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Thank you a lot!
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Ich glaube es nicht... Das kann doch nicht ein flaches Blatt Papier sein! :O_o:
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