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inconclusive introspection
sometimes the person we loved is gone
sometimes they truly never were there
sometimes the error is in our perception
sometimes the error is in their deceit
sometimes the change is within ourselves
sometimes the change is outside ourselves
sometimes the self has become enlightened
sometimes the self has lost its way
sometimes the truth cannot be retrieved
sometimes the psyche says we must deny
sometimes the cosmos is simply too random
sometimes this is the way life is
sometimes... ...
llp - dA - sep2018
:iconalapip:alapip 0 0
for those who remember Joey
- a reverent slinky she might like? -
most of us
mostly unknown to most
at most leave faint tracks - then
there are those most immersed
giving their most to the rest
this 'most' is late noticed at best
due most of us rushing too fast
trying to finish more first... instead of most last
they used to say - "you are the most"
to the most popular girl
or the most beautiful one
from the most fabulous school
a most emphatic 'however'
names one who was gladly *most giving*
who is missed most by those of us saying -
"Joey, you were the most... ... and surely the best"
llp - dA - sep2018
:iconalapip:alapip 4 14
maybe... maybe not
out there
in the universe
a supernova!
don't bother to look yet
light only travels at lightspeed
a thousand years or so hence
we'll see it and get all excited
at least I sure would
yup - we'll see it
if we haven't destroyed ourselves
in the meantime
llp - dA - aug2018
:iconalapip:alapip 4 15
our next journey
at that intersection
as we bide...
what-other beings
shall we see there
to barter perhaps
thoughts of alternative worlds?
a commons of sublimity
where we may be given a choice
return to a fallen land or
explore the wonders beyond
after all
if a form of Karma allows
we've yet to tour [up close]
a universe!
llp - dA - aug2018
:iconalapip:alapip 4 10
to live is to wonder
is this good
is it necessary
does anyone know why
it might have been valid
to have made these same queries
previously - [in the first place]
and each have found someone else
and have ended no less perplexed
at this time in these lives
perhaps the answer is:
 - there are no answers
but we shall always ask
llp - dA - aug2018
:iconalapip:alapip 3 18
my lame answer to a loving friend...
Wotcher, I don't know what is ultimately
least unacceptable for Native Americans:
- trying to maintain one's half forgotten
' heritage' in a land long unsuited.
- trying to assimilate into a largely
barren culture of mindless Capitalists.
- trying to fit in between by fleecing
the racist interloper's descendants at
casino gaming tables.
It's like the everlasting dregs of slavery,
there doesn't seem to be a generally
acceptable answer. In other words, is
there any longer ANY answer?
We have failed to own our sins, 'godly'
or not, we may be failing as a species.
If and when we're finally all gone, we
won't know it, but the planet will.
“The arc of the moral universe is long,
but it bends toward justice.” This may
very well be the final truth.
llp - dA - jun2018
:iconalapip:alapip 6 19
'never give up... that ship'
with alacrity
and vehemence
we persevere
llp - dA - jun2018
:iconalapip:alapip 2 6
'gaming' the future... win-win or win-lose
cosmic reality seeks stability
within the chaos of random chance
forever failing try by try
forever succeeding bit by bit
winning thru the latter
a universal plumb
nonzero sum... winning?
yes - [for the most part]
the trial continues
it is everywhere
it is everything
it is endless
from the miniscule to the colossal
as must be - thus this truth
We are enfolded
We are connected
the 'arrow' of time trends up -
as well as forward
and [as has been said]
 "... it bends toward justice"
here on This Planet
due to human deeds
for good or ill it seems -
WE have become
   the tip of that 'arrow'
llp - dA - apr2018
expanded journal entry - jan2014
:iconalapip:alapip 5 17
fake news
  [Trump, FOX, et al]
accusing the media of = controlling the base
broadcasting of = controlling the base
controlling the base = massive profits
it's all very logical actually
despicable too of course
collateral damage to us and the world?
easily compartmentalized... vs wealth and power
[if one is a sociopath]
llp - dA - feb2018
:iconalapip:alapip 4 13
The SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket - today
Its liftoff was probably the most thrilling thing I've ever witnessed,
and my having just accidentally tuned in about thirty seconds before it lit up,
without even knowing it was scheduled or anything about it,
without knowing of its record weight and power, or that it contained a Tesla,
and will orbit elliptically around Mars and the Sun for countless millennia.
I love serendipity -
and the chance to watch this live!
the cheering had already started
then "10-9-8-... ..."
it was awesome
it was beautiful
yes, all too often
we are hateful beings
but, sometimes
when challenged...
with tears in our eyes
we are godly too
llp - FB - feb-06-2018
      dA - feb2018
:iconalapip:alapip 4 12
life's precious moments live on
per quantum entanglement
literally - always
pre-echo informed
post-echo relayed
the cosmos reacting as 'One'
[which it is, we surmise]
reminds of those 'butterfly wings'
- does the die-off of Monarchs
   effect the monsoons?
- will the touch of one's spirit
   reflect in the ruins?
   persist til the heat death of all?
as atoms push atoms, the answer is - Yes!
Yes, it shall...
- we are root causes, caused by root causes
   "it's turtles all the way down"
llp - dA - jan2018
:iconalapip:alapip 2 3
one final internal quest
which quits on us first:
the brain or the body?
the battle for life
or the battle-worn self?
these matters matter...
the mind mutters - prattles
thoughts scatter while we wait
a busily mental twiddling of thumbs
as entity ever-so-slowly succumbs
"why?" we ask...
expecting silence - yet
not even getting that
...from ourselves
we prefer to leave with dignity, grace
peace and serenity on our face - but
this ditty keeps running through my brain:
   Knottingham Hardly is the name
   call me Knott - because you see
   from now on I'm 'Knott Hardly'
   THAT's - as clear as it gets
   the very last version of me
llp - dA - dec2017
:iconalapip:alapip 5 14
life feels personal, but it's not
is the problem within your expectations -
that all of this is supposed to work for you?
in railing at inconvenience
in blaming bad luck or failure
on oneself - on others
impatience is not a virtue
everything runs on random chance
the cosmos didn't evolve with you in mind
the universe is infinite
you're anything but
you're just one more grain of sand
one atom of that grain
one particle in that atom
you're . not . worth . a . single . cosmic . thought
now that you've been apprised of this
take a deep breath
take notice that you're here - you're alive
and try to be grateful...
llp - FB - dec2017
      dA - ditto [a day, and a few small changes, later]
:iconalapip:alapip 6 25
certainty, uncertainty - rinse, repeat
facts trickle past
propaganda inundates
we tread water
like kittens in a bucket
reality struggles
honesty has drowned
happenings swamp yesterday's knowns
today this occurs, also tomorrow - and yet
right now I'm just so damnably sure...
wait! did you hear that?
CNN says FOX said what?
make note of it
before we forget
and get flushed away by the future
llp - dA - dec 2017
:iconalapip:alapip 6 11
trees r us
reach further
branch out
reach - dream in darkness
don't stop the morrow
never cease
keep reaching
ere you perish
llp - FB - dec2017
      dA - dec2017
:iconalapip:alapip 8 7
ladys' revenge
we thought past is past
we had our fun
we got away
more than once
such naughty boys
never got punished
now we find
our selfishness
our indescretions
our greedy lips
our wandering hands
our peccadillos...
[oh - no no no]
all those victims
are up ahead
working together
setting traps
llp - dA - nov2017
:iconalapip:alapip 6 18
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summer portrait by raido-ehwaz summer portrait :iconraido-ehwaz:raido-ehwaz 2 2
counting to thirteen
It's been two years since I fell in love with you
but this isn't about love.
    i. I thought about telling you that sometimes,
        I'm in a car and a country song comes on
        and it takes me back -
            with a bittersweet sadness -
        because I remember.
                I remember being in a car with you,
                country songs on the radio,
                    which I normally wouldn't listen to, but
                    in these moments I didn't mind because I knew
:iconmiserabel:miserabel 14 6
She's holding her heart like the eye of the storm: 

                     calm and patient, 
                                               between two beats 
         waiting for the second wave 
         to break the flood gates 
         and drown her in the wake 
:iconlycaenyx:Lycaenyx 14 4
wand wielder by raido-ehwaz wand wielder :iconraido-ehwaz:raido-ehwaz 3 0
That Eejit Cumming
The tapestry was taking too long. 
The darn thing was getting Fiona on high doh, but now it has been promised as a gift to the chief's wife. She’d been at it for several weeks in the same sweltering room with just one small window, crouched over the loom. The fire warmed in the corner showing off with its pops of air and obnoxious crackles.  
In and over, up and out. 
In and over, up and out. 
Fiona had been weaving since she was wee and fantastically skilled. She’d have given it up if it hadn’t made the coins flow into the house. Her hands were hardened by the years of entwining wool around them, but she couldn’t complain. Despite projects such as this she was content. 
The fire slowly depleted as the night progressed. Fiona yawns, but pressed on regardless. Whilst her husband was out on a clan hunt, she made use of the tim
:iconbeccajs:BeccaJS 1 3
You, you have to keep it together, in
your moods and in your words, for
your two grown children and the in-laws -
for the grandson who looks so much
like him and is a performer too, who
is too young to visit him with the family
in hospital.
I, I have no such compunctions, nor rules
to abide, nor loss of my time when I'm called -
I'm here all night, three nights, while you sleep, while
you rest to keep your brave face on, and he calls.
I'm here to hear his last performances - his singing,
speaking, reading, his talking the nights away
'til surgery day.
I hear his fear, his bravery, his dread and his
wit while it's whittled down by long hours of
pain, his reality of loss and a long life near over -
all the depth of his deconstruction, declared in
tones both strong and weak while he speaks to me,
and I don't know the outcome of the docs' work
because I'm just the other woman today,
a wild one,
a canary
in a cave,
a bird that has stopped singing.
:iconxlntwtch:xlntwtch 12 27
Support Your Local Rocketeers
"Gone at last!" exclaimed Muleshoe as we approached a sprawling mid-20th century building.
The sign beside the road declared it as 'The Helen Burpee State Orphanage of Delaware
- P.D. Crapo, Director.'
"You were in there?!" marveled Clyde as they eased past in traffic.          
"No." drawled the other breezily.
idle thoughts careened in my mind as we began crossing the overpass when IT appeared-
a gigantic steel manifold assembly of mysterious origins
lay contentedly in the southbound exit ramp
we stopped our truck
just as a busload of Pennsylvania-Amish
tourists pulled up behind us
their driver asked
what do you make a this?
I know what we're gonna make of it, confides Jonas
as the Amish driver and I look on
we're gonna launch it!
and so, with the help of seventy-seven strapping men
the mysterious manifold was upended
onto the back of our rig  
several hours later
in an abandoned flea market
an Adobe-style fashioned in concrete
we stood our
:iconblacksand459:Blacksand459 2 5
Portrait of David by o0Amphigory0o Portrait of David :icono0amphigory0o:o0Amphigory0o 6 3
The Damnation of Us All
The world looks at us through a screen
they sigh and roll their eyes and whisper:
politics, the damnation of us all
but we were something more once
men and women and children of laughter
of woven quilts, of stories, of tittering lullabies 
Of riddles and jokes and love ballads
our home was made of stone once
made of trees and archways
we had a chicken named Lulu
fresh eggs every breakfast
I used to go to school back then
my brothers' hand in mine, we swung our book bags
we played ridiculous children games
we laughed
we were children once
now we're numbers, runaways, refugees, homeless
our stone houses rubble, ash and dying fire
we were humans once, we were people 
now we're just politics, whispered
the damnation of us all.
:iconjimmiebee:JimmieBee 39 16
The Weight of Survival (Slinky)
the weight of loss
breaks one's own sense of weight and measures
as they'd thought that loss, in terms of weight,
would lighten gravity's pull, but weight
a minute, weight, a lifetime, and then
the subject's vernacular alone, becomes a weight
when a term like birth-weight
breaks, in that weight given birth
should be alive, not be the cold counter weight
negating the very weight holding one to earth
and only in this aching context, is weight lost
this weight reminds me of drowning
this weight reminds me of wings
this weight remembers we owe something
for the elusive weight death lost that day
in the weight allowed to remain
:iconblackbowfin:BlackBowfin 11 23
your mother carries
the birdcages
onto the balcony
sunlight peppers
through moving leaves
her foot pushes
a soft
sound into
silvered shadow
another morning
the orange bird
sits in the cage
and sings
:iconpelicandeath:PelicanDeath 6 8
The weight of other people’s grief is crushing. It’s the way their eyes cloud over, gaze shifting inward to memories, to faces they’ll never see again but will always yearn for.
There is nothing worse in that moment.
It hurts to watch emotion ripple across their faces. It hurts to know what they feel.
:iconnamelessshe:NamelessShe 1 0
You insist that I keep my presence quiet -- 
         so I am the flutter in your belly 
         braiding your stomach into knots 
         and burning ulcers into the lining 

                                           and I have discovered that, 
                                           if I bleed a little faster, 
:iconlycaenyx:Lycaenyx 12 6
Birth Announcement Cards Nolan by BoekBindBoetiek Birth Announcement Cards Nolan :iconboekbindboetiek:BoekBindBoetiek 2 6
Fourth Line Love
you snuck knives into my spine with surgical precision,
planted a gnarled seed in my heartsoil & I,
to make it bloom beautifully,
tended each day with tender care
black roots seated beneath a pouring glow I continue to offer each morning as water, as life,
as another way
I wrap the weeds around my fingers & pull, pull, pull
forever this ritual
pinpricks of purpleblue imbued with Springhope, colors uncover I coax them
& send the weeds tumbling like a bullet back down a cold barrel
still there are some things
I cannot reach my back hurts but I know the petals will come
:iconcortneynocturnal:CortneyNocturnal 2 2


alapip's Profile Picture
Lawrence L Piper
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
work for the cure of pain
in everyone, for we all
have at least some,
exaggerated in our minds,
and may think we walk alone...
llp - mar'09

Current Residence: N Billerica Mass, a few miles South of the Boston Air Route Traffic Control Center where I worked through the 70s before getting fired and barred for life from my career for participating in the 'PATCO strike of August 1981', [google it if you're curious]. I loved that job. Pres Reagan terminated 12,000 of us with a knee jerk stroke of his pen.
deviantWEAR sizing preference: medium
Print preference: index finger?
Favourite genre of music: alternative
Favourite style of art: surreal
Operating System: windows 10
Wallpaper of choice: Alexandra and guess who
Skin of choice: quite pale
Favourite cartoon character: road runner
Personal Quote: From he to whom much is given, much will be required.
... that finds all these artistically anthropomorphized
fellow mammals [and more] a bit presumptuous 
species-wise? Is the "politically correct" epidemic
contagious? Am I succumbing to it? :O pip


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