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thanks for the reverie
reality is not real until we consider
how we think of it
and feel it
it changes as we change
the here and now alters
each time we recollect it
or remember to try
will we notice?
can we?
are you sure?
our focus is usually out there [in there?]
somewhere - on personal streams of thought
now, where were we?
llp - dA - may2019
:iconalapip:alapip 4 16
in appreciation
if one is fortunate enough to retire
[even as a semi-pauper] it is heaven
to be free to do
what one wishes
when one wishes
as one wishes
with every heartbeat
every breath
life is 'now'
llp - dA - may2019
:iconalapip:alapip 6 6
a comment on our inability to accept reality
- an aphorism of sorts -
we're besieged
by evolutionary truths
we refuse to recognize
due to the way we evolved
go figure... :| :O :shrug:
llp - dA - apr2019
:iconalapip:alapip 5 7
our minimum responsibility
in this random chance of a universe
not godly nor karma bound - yet first
there's little known of how or why
just that we learn before we die
it's not about any of you - nor me
we should not take life personally
arrived from whence? - we are here
relax - enjoy yourself - have a beer
but - most of all - don't make a mess
llp - dA - mar2019
:iconalapip:alapip 19 28
we might believe so
- a tanka -
do the many dead
determinedly from our
lonely sight abstain -
yet, in multi-colored stead
perhaps forth to 'Spring' again?
llp - dA - mar2019
:iconalapip:alapip 1 5
advice to the livelorn
"maybe", just maybe
we need something cosmic to occur
to thrill and inspire us toward working together
also - frighten us a bit
into preserving that which we did not earn
and thus far have never *truly* deserved
yes - we become old and tired
[like I sometimes admit]
but we must never give in
llp - dA - dec2018
:iconalapip:alapip 9 12
inconclusive introspection
perhaps the person we loved has changed
perhaps they truly never were there
perhaps the error was in our perception
perhaps the error was in their deceit
perhaps the others involved were untruthful
perhaps they hurt much more than they helped
perhaps the change was outside ourselves
perhaps the change was inside ourselves
perhaps the self has become enlightened
perhaps the self has lost its way
perhaps the truth cannot be retrieved
perhaps the psyche says 'we must deny'
perhaps the cosmos is simply too random
perhaps this is the way life is... perhaps... ...
llp - dA - sep2018
:iconalapip:alapip 4 18
for those who remember Joey
- a reverent slinky she might like? -
most of us
mostly unknown to most
at most leave faint tracks - then
there are those most immersed
giving their most to the rest
this 'most' is late noticed at best
due most of us rushing too fast
trying to finish more first... instead of most last
they used to say - "you are the most"
to the most popular girl
or the most beautiful one
from the most fabulous school
a most emphatic 'however'
names one who was gladly *most giving*
who is missed most by those of us saying -
"Joey, you were the most... ... and surely the best"
llp - dA - sep2018
:iconalapip:alapip 5 14
maybe... maybe not
out there
in the universe
a supernova!
don't bother to look yet
light only travels at lightspeed
a thousand years or so hence
we'll see it and get all excited
at least I sure would
yup - we'll see it
if we haven't destroyed ourselves
in the meantime
llp - dA - aug2018
:iconalapip:alapip 5 18
our next journey
at that intersection
as we bide...
what-other beings
shall we see there
to barter perhaps
thoughts of alternative worlds?
a commons of sublimity
where we may be given a choice
return to a fallen land or
explore the wonders beyond
after all
if a form of Karma allows
we've yet to tour [up close]
a universe!
llp - dA - aug2018
:iconalapip:alapip 4 10
to live is to wonder
is this good
is it necessary
does anyone know why
it might have been valid
to have made these same queries
previously - [in the first place]
and each have found someone else
and have ended no less perplexed
at this time in these lives
perhaps the answer is:
 - there are no answers
but we shall always ask
llp - dA - aug2018
:iconalapip:alapip 3 18
my lame answer to a loving friend...
Wotcher, I don't know what is ultimately
least unacceptable for Native Americans:
- trying to maintain one's half forgotten
' heritage' in a land long unsuited.
- trying to assimilate into a largely
barren culture of mindless Capitalists.
- trying to fit in between by fleecing
the racist interloper's descendants at
casino gaming tables.
It's like the everlasting dregs of slavery,
there doesn't seem to be a generally
acceptable answer. In other words, is
there any longer ANY answer?
We have failed to own our sins, 'godly'
or not, we may be failing as a species.
If and when we're finally all gone, we
won't know it, but the planet will.
“The arc of the moral universe is long,
but it bends toward justice.” This may
very well be the final truth.
llp - dA - jun2018
:iconalapip:alapip 5 19
'never give up... that ship'
with alacrity
and vehemence
we persevere
llp - dA - jun2018
:iconalapip:alapip 2 6
'gaming' the future... win-win or win-lose
cosmic reality seeks stability
within the chaos of random chance
forever failing try by try
forever succeeding bit by bit
winning thru the latter
a universal plumb
nonzero sum... winning?
yes - [for the most part]
the trial continues
it is everywhere
it is everything
it is endless
from the miniscule to the colossal
as must be - thus this truth
We are enfolded
We are connected
the 'arrow' of time trends up -
as well as forward
and [as has been said]
 "... it bends toward justice"
here on This Planet
due to human deeds
for good or ill it seems -
WE have become
   the tip of that 'arrow'
llp - dA - apr2018
expanded journal entry - jan2014
:iconalapip:alapip 5 17
fake news
  [Trump, FOX, et al]
accusing the media of = controlling the base
broadcasting of = controlling the base
controlling the base = massive profits
it's all very logical actually
despicable too of course
collateral damage to us and the world?
easily compartmentalized... vs wealth and power
[if one is a sociopath]
llp - dA - feb2018
:iconalapip:alapip 4 13
The SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket - today
Its liftoff was probably the most thrilling thing I've ever witnessed,
and my having just accidentally tuned in about thirty seconds before it lit up,
without even knowing it was scheduled or anything about it,
without knowing of its record weight and power, or that it contained a Tesla,
and will orbit elliptically around Mars and the Sun for countless millennia.
I love serendipity -
and the chance to watch this live!
the cheering had already started
then "10-9-8-... ..."
it was awesome
it was beautiful
yes, all too often
we are hateful beings
but, sometimes
when challenged...
with tears in our eyes
we are godly too
llp - FB - feb-06-2018
      dA - feb2018
:iconalapip:alapip 4 12
NOTICE: i habitually reply to all comments,
but for those who fav without a comment -
do NOT expect a pageview or thank you.

ALSO: i will not tender a thank you for badges.
[llamas: nothing but tall, bad tempered sheep.]

"badges? we don't need no stinkin' badges!"
[a common misquote from an old film -… ]

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that old house
holds both less and more
secrets stuffed into the walls
holes eat up the floor
:iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 11 9
Crazy people cannot make autonomous decisions--
         At least, that’s what they tell me
         when they insert needles into my eroded arteries
         and send lightning bolts through my skull.
         They insist my memories are false,
         that these methods will coax the demons from my eyes
         and leave me with only the truth.
         But I am still here, jumping between two realities;
         like a breath escaping one lung
         just to be trapped inside the other.
                   --even when all they want is their freedom.
:iconlycaenyx:Lycaenyx 7 6
my repetition is this
my heart is full
yet unheld
let loose
from my chest
In my dreams, it is you & I. We are together,
and you are happy. Awake, I know I am not the shape
behind your closed eyes. I am not your dream and
do not need to be. You do not need to be mine,
the dream is to see you happy.

my heart is full
hands unheld
a home
in my chest
you live there
:iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 52 18
Oberon Glory by Dee-T Oberon Glory :icondee-t:Dee-T 244 33 oulu sunrise by raido-ehwaz oulu sunrise :iconraido-ehwaz:raido-ehwaz 4 0
Not a cut flower
Know I'd do better
With roots
Bloom, produce fruits
Live out my seasons
:iconsquibblyquill:squibblyquill 2 3
wind and water by raido-ehwaz wind and water :iconraido-ehwaz:raido-ehwaz 4 3 Iridescence by FlorentCourty Iridescence :iconflorentcourty:FlorentCourty 554 24 Fallen Sister by Dee-T Fallen Sister :icondee-t:Dee-T 398 35 Blue and Gold by Dee-T Blue and Gold :icondee-t:Dee-T 859 75 sky mirror by raido-ehwaz sky mirror :iconraido-ehwaz:raido-ehwaz 4 0
the blue flower
caulk and brick
like a chisel
hammer striking
steel, blue
with clouds
hanging from
creaky wooden
cobblestones polished
by shoes and the spittle
of senile time
chewing leaf
and staining teeth
a milky blue,
heaven checking
her hair in a puddle.
the covered well
over a plot
of southern daisies,
like flies
lazily awaiting
the swat
of a tail
the blue flower
on the side
a covered well
like a secret
a wish
a miracle
my heart is full
of water.
:iconcarmalain7:Carmalain7 5 3
This Old Barn by Shyll-j This Old Barn :iconshyll-j:Shyll-j 51 34
insurmountable, the horizon obscured
an ocean
is only as in-
as your eyes
can carry me
like kisses
or twilight in-
habit, stay
the horizon
blinks in-
tense, shy
or wilt away
irises nest
like bruises
or irises in-
:iconcarmalain7:Carmalain7 25 17
sun fog by raido-ehwaz sun fog :iconraido-ehwaz:raido-ehwaz 5 5 black circle by raido-ehwaz black circle :iconraido-ehwaz:raido-ehwaz 3 5


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Lawrence L Piper
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United States
work for the cure of pain
in everyone, for we all
have at least some,
exaggerated in our minds,
and may think we walk alone...
llp - mar'09

Current Residence: N Billerica Mass, a few miles South of the Boston Air Route Traffic Control Center where I worked through the 70s before getting fired and barred for life from my career for participating in the 'PATCO strike of August 1981', [google it if you're curious]. I loved that job. Pres Reagan terminated 12,000 of us with a knee jerk stroke of his pen.
deviantWEAR sizing preference: medium
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Favourite style of art: surreal
Operating System: windows 10
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Skin of choice: quite pale
Favourite cartoon character: road runner
Personal Quote: From he to whom much is given, much will be required.
After several years, Kate [ultimateoutlaw] has returned to dA.
Check her out and welcome her back. You may find she bears 'watching'.

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