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We are one

By Alantka

Fan art of Kopa, Simba and Nala's son in "The Lion King: Six New Adventures" spin-off books published in 1994, and Kion, Simba and Nala's son in the animated television series The Lion Guard released in 2016.

Eventhough Kopa is not-canon and Kion is not totally considered canon, I do appreciate these two cubs. They both are cute little guys, and the book and series they come from are a good entertainment for the young audiences. Yet, I never understood all the hate on Kopa. You can indeed find thousands of "Anti-Kopa" stamps, pictures or even whole articles and comments all across the Internet trying to demonstrate why he is a terrible character. But what's the point of loathing a character who does not exist in The Lion King universe and, therefore, won't bother you while watching the movies or the shows?

Actually, I find it a bit surprising when fans who highly disliked Kopa immediatly loved Kion. Maybe it's just me, but I've always thought that Kion does not really fit The Lion King's universe (a lion head mark on the shoulder, the capacity to knock down Nuka who is twice his size, the Roar of the Elders, etc.) compared to Kopa, who was a simple cub with no mystical powers, just like his father at his age. And don't get me wrong, I do not dislike Kion, not at all. He has many good sides, and is much more developped as a character than Kopa. Also, and I know this is irrelevant, but I love the fact he inherited Sarabi's eye color. It was a really nice touch in my opinion.
So who is better: Kion, or Kopa? Well... honestly, I think it's all about your own tastes. If you enjoy bright designs, modern animation and The Lion Guard universe, you might prefer Kion. And if you're more into natural designs, Lion King style and simplicity, you might prefer Kopa.

After all, just because a character is not canon doesn't mean you can't like them; I grew up with many spin-off Disney books or series introducing non-official characters that I sometimes loved even more than some from the movies, but since they came from less popular fandoms, I never met any Disney fans fighting about the legitimity of those books or characters. We just enjoyed the stories for what they were. That's why I believe all the arguments about Kopa or Kion have no reason to be; if someone loves a character that you can't stand, then it's fine! The world would be boring if we all loved the exact same things. :)
What only matters in the end is having some fun while watching our favorite animated movies, and all the memories we create about them.

That's why I decided to do this little fan art of (what could have been) two brothers just enjoying their youth in the Pridelands. I like to think that they would get along if they both existed in the same universe. I originally planned on making Kion younger than Kopa, but thought I would be better if they had the same age, so Kiara could still be the oldest and future queen.
Note: I did NOT draw Kion's mark on the shoulder, I copied and pasted a PNG file of the mark found on the Internet.

Hope you like it :aww:
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I like both of them :) I don't understand why people give so much hate to these two :/

A job well done, mate!

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Thanks a lot! :D

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Awwwwww so cute! My sisters are obsessed with the Lion Guard
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Awww adorable!
Both are cute! I've seen the show Kion is in but not read the books Kopa is in
But I think both would get along great! 
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Thank you :D (Big Grin) 
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Can I say something in Kion's defence? Yes? Cool.

Alright, I hear a lot about him being called a Mary Sue. Most people overuse this term so it now has no meaning. Kion may have overpowering issues in fights, that's a fair point, but that's OP. Mary sues are a different beast.

A lot of the Lion Guard delves into the politics. No, not like republicans versus democrats, but more about how to make everybody compromise so everybody wins.

Kion still shows many flaws. One of which is his quick to judge attitude, such as him not accepting Jasiri initially. Or him trying to find what Makuu was doing when it was actually everybody else planning to throw Makuu in a hole.

He also has a strong sense of kindness and honor, which helps him out, but when he sees what destruction the roar can do, causes him to stop using it altogether. Until the end of the episode at least.

I mean, he doesn't fit what's been previously established. Lion King had barely any magic in it (but unless Simba's mentally ill, clouds turning into lion heads is magic). I thought that was iffy too when I first started watching. But this kid grows up quite a bit. I thought he was pretty bland, but most of his struggle isn't external, a lot is internal.

Conclusion: Yes, he is overpowered. That's borderline impossible to deny, but he's not a "Mary Sue".

Of course he show flaws, but not really important flaws, mistakes and sacrifice like REAL cannon characters, like Simba, Kiara, and Kopa. So yes, you like Kion becuse Disney junior make him a Mary Sue.


Not even mencion the 'roar' thing

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Well hold on. You didn't really support your argument, your point of view.

First, a lot of people don't consider Kiara a "canon" character either because she's also from a sequel. Furthermore, you just say things without any support. In school, I was taught TBEAR, you had to support with a "topic, background, evidence, anaylsis, return to topic".

I gave a full on analysis supporting my opinion, but you only really give a topic sentence. No one can debate you because inherently you just said something without any support. This would be the equivalent of me just saying, "No, he's just not a mary-sue".

You do give some evidence with the whole "how could a lion cub defeat an adult hyena," and "what about the roar", but you still need to link how that makes him an actual mary-sue.

I did not leave many arguments because I wanted a short answer about MY opinion. But, my arguments; as i ALREADY said:
1. A lion cub can't defeat an adult hiena. In TLK 1 they even need mufasa to defeat them, and prevented cub simba from them (what mekes the movie realistic). so Kion shouldn't be able to directly defeat them.
2. He always win, with no sacrifice or suffering or consequences. what does make his problems like no dificult for him. Even being his firs trobles in his life.
3. He's always right. And the rares time his not, theres no any consequences. If there was once, tell me
4. He is too mature for a cub; responsable, brave, always know what to do, and goody. so the character never needs to learn anything. In summary, just compare him with other characters with his age .
5. At the final season, he finally have a real troble, and even sacrifice his put in the lion guard. But at the end, all was just for make him a loved king and even married, without even becoming an adult. thats tooo much achievement. He totaly humilliated all characters 😂
Perfect Disney Junior characters don't empatize with people, what makes them hateful Marry sues
Thats why people like more of kopa. He is a child being a child
And kiara is cannon, y don't know why you said that...
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You don't need to defend him from me; I made this drawing to say that everyone should be free to love canon, semi-canon an non canon characters, I was certainly not attacking him.
And I never called him a Mary Sue, since I'm not even sure what it means :XD:
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I'm not accusing you of saying that.

Any way, Mary Sue is a term I mostly hear from fanfiction authors, but it gets around in the amateur writing world a lot, for similar reasons too.

It basically means a character who is flawless. But people add on other parts to the terms such as being overpowered, being related to canonical characters, etc. Problem is, most people forget the basic trait is flawlessness.

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Kion and Kopa, Really  Nice job
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This is absolutely beautiful, i love it! it looks so energetic yet so peaceful at the same time, amazing job! <3

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