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By Alantka
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Fan art of Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps from Zootopia.

I watched it the day of its release in France, and absolutely loved it! Yet, I wish we could still have 2D films in theaters. Both CGI and 2D are awesome and have their own potential, so hopefully Disney will produce new full-length movies traditionally animated again. :)

Anyway, I thought it could be interesting to make a fan art of Zootopia in the style of Disney's Robin Hood's style, to compare two duos of anthropomorphic foxes and rabbits (Nick/Judy and Robin/Skippy) from the same company but from different eras.

Hope you like it :aww:

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Cute art and cute couple too 💕🐰🦊

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I will always prefer 2D too. And I applaud you for getting these two down in the old sketchy Disney style! :D There's such a charm to it!

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Thank you very much! :DI'm really glad you like it :heart:

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i love traditional animation.

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You're not alone my friend.....I miss traditional hand drawn animation too.

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I love your artwork.
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Thanks, I'm glad you do :D

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You absolutely NAILED the classic Robin Hood-style here! Nice work!

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Thank you so much! :love: 
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That's kind of incredible that you managed to completely own the style of Disney from the 60's. :thumbsup:  It is kind of sad it's moved so far toward the 3d space.  While I appreciate the new things, some of the old stuff just doesn't translate as well (I'm looking at you Transformers)  Sadly the style changes brought on through the deluge of Cartoon Network shows didn't help much.

Since you're a young'un, you may not have discovered the works of Don Bluth's studio.  The Secret of NIMH is incredible, and American Tale is pretty good too.
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Thank you very much for your nice comment, it means a lot :D

Actually, The Secret of NIMH and An American Tale were a big part of my childhood :aww:
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I'm curious to know what software did you use and what type of brush strokes you use also?
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I used Paint Tool SAI for this one, and used the basic brush (simple circle) with a paper texture for the sketch :)
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Can we more of this in the Disney Robin Hood art in the near future? This is so heartwarmingly beautiful!!!
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I'm not planning on doing something similar again to be honest, but maybe in the future :D
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This, is so, Beautiful!!!
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