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Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality

By alannahowe
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This is a scene from a Harry Potter fanfic I'm currently reading, in which Harry was raised by scientists before going to Hogwarts (as well as being something of a boy genius). Upon entering the magical world he then tries to rationalise and explain all the magic he encounters using scientific methods.

Very funny, I can highly recommend it :
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Amazing good job
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I love it! 
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This is just AWESOME! Can I use it as my topic background? It's about chinese translation of hpmor.
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This. The exact moment where the universe of science starts to bleed into the world of magic with Harry acting as the bridge. You have managed to make this scene suitably epic, even though Harry is just turning a part of an eraser into steel. Good job!
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WOW ! This is just AWESOME ^o^ !
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Haha, why thank you.
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Oh my gosh, this is not only beautiful art but also shows one of the scenes that most exemplifies what the story is about (i.e. following logic even when conventional wisdom disagrees).

I love the expression on his face. 
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Slightly crazed? Thanks for the comment! :)
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Well, it starts out funny, anyway. A nice witty humor and such. But the feels, the awe, the great moments of feel and amazement.. 
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Agreed, a psychological roller-coaster.
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It's not quite as "very funny" when you get further in. It's still VERY good, though - and that's a very nice piece of art. ^_^
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Yeah. It still has its charm, but it gets a little bit more serious after Azkaban. SOFT-SPOILER ALERT: If you're anything like me, the events of Time Pressure will probably hit you in the feels. :'(
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Really? I'm only at around 70, there is definitely less science happening, but still thoroughly entertaining :) Thanks for the compliment.
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Never before has transfiguration been so epic!!! 
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Wow, very nice.

This is from Chapter 28, I suppose.
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It is from chapter 28! Definitely one of my favorite chapters, I'd love if he kept making breakthrough discoveries in the magical world :)
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