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Hi all,

Sorry for not posting on here much any more, but my facebook page and website are kept very much up to date, so remember you can follow me there too :)

I now have 2015 British Wildlife calendars available to purchase. They are a limited run of just 100, so get them while you can! FREE UK postage (and small charges outside of UK) Please message me if you'd like to pick up a copy, they make fantastic presents for christmas for any wildlife lovers :)

I recently got one of my pictures of the foxes (Scamp), highly commended at the British Wildlife Photography awards. So things are looking good, Thanks for the support all!

More updates

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 9, 2013, 2:21 PM

Hello all,

It seems ages since I wrote a journal on here, it also seems like I haven't been very active lately. Sorry about that! Been on holiday and then had a bit of a bad time with the wildlife in the garden which left me feeling a bit down and not wanting to photograph much. I don't want to go into all the details again, but unfortunately one of my hedgehogs had to be taken to be put to sleep, I held him as he was put down :( Also 'Jack' my fox had two cubs, one of which has been missing for a couple of weeks so is presumed dead. Her second cub, now named 'Scamp' is growing well but also has mange pretty badly :( I'm doing my best for him though.

That's kind of it with the updates, I haven't been able to get out much and photograph things lately, but hopefully I should be again soon. Started watching a badger sett this week too, so hopefully I'll get some wild badger photos to add soon. Otherwise it will probably be lots of fox shots for a while!

As DeviantArt keeps telling me my premium membership is about to run out, so this may be my last journal for a while. I guess i'll do one last feature while I can too!

Thanks for all the comments/faves/watches :)

Alannah's Jack by SandieBlair Yim - The Clouded Leopard by SAU21866
Koala pastels by Sarahharas07 Spread Wings by BogdanBoev Leopard by Bengtern


Journal Entry: Wed Feb 6, 2013, 4:13 PM

Hi everyone!

Hope you are all well, and welcome to my new followers! Glad to see a good response to my latest snow pictures. I've still got lots more to look through and edit, but I will try and separate them a bit so they don't get too boring. Just want to fill you in with what's going on....

Can't remember exactly what was last said about my lovely vixen Jack, who had terrible mange. Anyway, she's looking stunning now and has all her fur grown back. Wildlife Aid (where she was treated) have even wrote a story about her, with before/after pictures, so you can take a look at that here ->… She's actually doing so well that she is now pregnant! She's looking very very big, so quite a few cubs I hope! There has also been digging under my shed, where she was born, so it looks like she's planning on having the cubs under there, which would be amazing. Jack has also become quite the star, as when she was born she was on TV on Channel 4s 'Foxes Live', now she's been on Wildlife Aids website and just recently featured on a lot of American news websites (including, USA today, and about 50 more!!!) I caught a fun little video of her playing with a snowball in the garden, which was featured on all the websites. If anyone is interested in watching it, it can be viewed here -…
On a slightly more sad note, Jacks sister, 'Scaredy' (I know awful name) has also got mange quite badly. She's always had it, but never badly so it was left. However it got to the point where she scratched all the fur of her back half. It looked incredibly sore and needed treatment, however after over a week of trying to get her in the fox trap we had to give up. She seemed to work out how to set the trap off, and would sneak in and get the food every night without setting it off. Anyway, after discussion, I'm able to treat her myself from home, she's got one more treatment to go on Friday. She's looking a lot better and the fur has started to grow back!

Now to something that I hope is going to be quite exciting!! Well I'm excited anyway ;)
As Jack is pregnant, and I believe she is planning to have the cubs under my shed, I'm planning on setting a camera up under there. I've ordered an IR camera that should arrive soon, so I'm going to set this up under the shed before the foxes actually move in, that way I wont be disturbing them at all. From there I'm hoping to steam the video live for you all to watch! That is if everything works how it should! I will update with more news on this subject.

Can't remember where we got to here either. I'll keep it short, the original 4 youngsters that had worms have been treated at Wildlife Aid and I will collect them when they have woken up from hibernate. The 5th under weight one I found was fattened up and released at the start of January. He was around 480g when I found him, and was about 980g when I released him! There is still another tiny hog in the garden, but he only appears one day, then goes for weeks. So almost impossible to catch him, but I will keep trying.

Not much new on this front, still just taking pictures as much as possible. New lizard pictures are likely to be up in spring when there is lots of flowers for them to pose with. I'm also looking for badger sets in my area, in the hope of wild badger pictures later in the year. Also want to find some wild owls in my area, however I've no idea where to start looking for them! (Based in Surrey, UK, if anyone knows of anything

:facebook: To keep up to date with more regular detailed updates, please follow my facebook as well -… :facebook:

Anyway, hope you're all still enjoying my uploads, I tried to keep this as short as possible, I get a bit carried away with the foxes though, sorry guys!
Thanks for the continued support!

Pond by saraquarelle Cutie pie... by Artsy50 Hungry pastels by Sarahharas07

Fox Updates + Other

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 14, 2012, 1:50 PM

Hi All,

Not much news, but I just thought I'd update you with how Jack, my fox, is getting on. Last Sunday I was able to collect her from the Wildlife Centre! The vet had a bit of trouble getting her out due to her being very feisty, she actually bit her ankle! When I collected her she had been given some medication so she is protected from mange, worms, fleas and some other things for 1 month, this should give her a good start back in the wild. The vet then told me to be very careful when carrying her in the box and releasing her as she is very bitey and to keep my ankles away (as that's what she likes to go for!) I was a bit shocked by this as Jack has always been a very very calm fox and would sit and watch me in the garden when I was building the pond. When I got her in the car she was very interested in everything, but seemed to recognise me & my mum, so instantly calmed down. She calmed down so much she actually curled up and had a little sleep on the journey home! When we got to the garden she was waiting right at the door of the box to go, but when I opened the door she hesitated a bit.. After about 30seconds she trotted out to the middle of the garden. She then seemed to realise where she was and got to work on weeing all over the garden! She did this for a while then trotted off next door. We've seen her pretty much every day since and she seems to be doing well. When I collected her from the centre she had no fur at all on her tail, and none on her top back half. She's still looking naked but it is slowly growing back. I'm very pleased to have her back, and she seemed happy to be back, chasing all the pigeons up and down the garden! :D

On a different note, the pictures I chose (from the last journal) for the gallery where the eagle, the elephants, the ocelot & the tiger (colour one). So far one of them has sold, which was the eagle :) Hopefully some more will sell before Christmas!

Also I have started clearing my DA gallery out a bit, and moving some things to storage. This made me look at some of my least popular pieces. I don't understand why some of them are unpopular, so I'll do a little feature of them below....

Picking Pictures.

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 27, 2012, 2:47 PM

Hi all,

Sorry the all the recent journals! Just a quick one today.

I need to pick 5 images to print A4 and frame for a local gallery. They're having a special evening up there next week so lots of people will be in and out, so the owner wants a few A4 framed pictures to have on the table. She already has 2 A3 framed ones of mine up there, so fingers crossed someone falls in love with them!

Anyway, I need a bit of help picking the 5 images again! It's always hard to pick the images myself as I have different opinions of the shots. I tend to think of the memories of the shoot which alters my opinion, also the quality of the shot alters my opinion. So it's easier to see what you guys as a whole thing, that's if you don't mind helping of course! The owner would like 'exotic' animals, so nothing British from my gallery please (unless you really think its needed). Maybe a few big cats and some other ones.

These are the ones I'm currently looking at:

1-> Ocelot. by Alannah-Hawker 2-> Jaguar by Alannah-Hawker 3-> Snow Leopard 07 by Alannah-Hawker
4-> Bald Eagle by Alannah-Hawker 5-> Lion 05 by Alannah-Hawker 6-> Eurasian Brown Bear 02 by Alannah-Hawker
7-> Indy by Alannah-Hawker 8-> Sibling Love VI by Alannah-Hawker 9-> Tiger 21 by Alannah-Hawker 10-> Tiny by Alannah-Hawker 11-> Lion 03 by Alannah-Hawker

Need to narrow these 11 down to 5... I've numbered them so it's easier to refer to them.. If you think I missed anything good please link below..

Any help is appreciated,

Thanks all!


Hedgehog and Fox updates

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 20, 2012, 1:23 PM

Hi All,

Just a quick journal to update you guys on what's going on with the hogs and foxes.

I'll start with the hogs. After monitoring the 4 hogs I got in I noticed 3 of them loosing weight (although still eating). After talking with other carers we decided they probably had worms and would need treatment to remove them. I decided to take them into Wildlife Aid for treatment, the night before taking them in the 4th hog had a drop in weight too, so to be on the safe side I took all 4 in. The centre confirmed that the 3 of them had worms and would need to stay in to be treated. They decided to treat the 4th hog too, which left me hogless! Well...for one night! Two days later I was watching the fox in the garden when I saw another hoglet running around! This one looked smaller than the previous 4. So I went out and got him and bought him into the house, he's now been in a week and has gone from 488g to 629g! A great gain of 141g! I'm hoping by next week he will be big enough to let hibernate. He has also been tested for worms and been given the all clear. The previous 4 are still under treatment, I may get the back when they have finished, or they may have to stay at the centre over winter, depending on their weight and the weather.

As well as this we've had a few fox problems. As some of my older watchers will know this years fox cubs suffered quite badly from mange, however I bought some mange treatment for them (thanks to the help of some amazing people on here)  which helped clear it up. However it seems to have come back on one fox, Jack. We started giving her the treatment again, however it had gone past the point that the treatment would work... Her eyes had become very closed up and her nose looked very cracked, then she left for two days, and came back with most of her fur missing over her body. She looked a real mess, broke my heart to see her looking like that. She used to be a stunning fox.. Anyway, I went and got a trap and caught her the next day, she was then rushed down to Wildlife Aid. They say she will be okay but will need to stay for a while to be treated, then I can return her to the garden.

I've also volunteered to help at the centre, I'm waiting for a response from them now, I hope they say yes as I would really like to help them out. As well as this I'm trying to raise some money for Wildlife Aid, to help them keep up their great work. If anyone would like to contribute towards this, you can donate on my website. Here is the link:…

Hope you are all well and still enjoying my photos! :)

Hedgehogs, everywhere!

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 7, 2012, 2:24 PM

Hi all,

Sorry for the recent inactivity ( I feel like this is all I say now! ) However I do have a valid excuse!

Back in June I collected 3 adult hedgehogs from a rescue centre and released them into my garden, as we don't have any in the area. Anyway, I feed them every night and about a week ago I noticed a hog run past that was half the size of the adults! Knowing they will be hibernating any day now I knew I had to catch the little one and weigh it to see if it was fat enough to hibernate. I ended up catching 4 baby hedgehogs, hoglets. Having weighed them all I found out I made the right decision catching them as they are too small to survive the hibernation.

This left me with the decision to either take them to a rescue centre or to fatten them up myself. With a lot of fantastic advise from people on the Hedgehog Street forums I decided to keep the hoglets. I have the 4 of them living in the house now while I fatten them up! The first night in each of them put on around 40g each! The second night hog 1,2 & 3, each lost about a gram or two, however hog 4 put on 30g! I'm hoping they'll put weight on again tonight, as if they consistently loose weight they will need to go to the rescue centre. I'm hoping they just over pigged the first day and where too full to move the second day! They all look pretty healthy, I have had to remove some ticks from a couple of the hogs, I've actually taken 35ticks out of hog 2, poor little thing! Hopefully when they reach a safe hibernation weight (over 600g) I will be able to release them back into the garden to hibernate.

They're very sweet little animals, a lot of work though! They are extremely messy and smelly! I'm currently cleaning them about 3times a day with spot checks to clean poo. So you can imagine how busy I am with them! This has led to a lack of uploads, but I promise I will try my best to add more. To see funny/cute pictures of the hogs please do keep an eye on my facebook page, as this is where most of the 'snaps' will be uploaded and updates! Here is the link -…

I'm extremely bad with names too, so they're currently 1, 2, 3, & 4! Any name suggestions are welcome, hog 1 is a female and the rest are males.

Anyway, thanks for reading! :)

3rd DD

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 29, 2012, 2:01 PM

I GOT A DD  !!

I logged in on Friday to find I had been awarded my third DD for my latest red kite image!! I just want to say a massive thank you to JamminJo and IsacGoulart for suggesting and featuring!! So happy to have received another DD, and glad to see so many people like the photo :D

Just sorting through all the messages now, a new upload will be online soon. Welcome to all new watchers!!

My second DD:

My first DD:


Journal Entry: Tue Aug 28, 2012, 5:27 PM


My lens has broken again, I guess they didn't really "repair" it the first time around! It's off at Canon being fixed again... :(


Some of you may have noticed I've been very inactive, this is due to a few things. I've got an exhibition currently going on at a local gallery, which is taking up a lot of my time getting things together for it. If anyone is in the UK and in the London area, do come down and visit, more info ->…

The second reason and the main reason I am not active is due to DA. When I've added work I've got very little response.. I mainly mean comment wise, I love getting comments and hearing what people think of my pictures, but my last few pieces have had hardly any comments.. To be honest it makes me feel quite.. disheartened. I feel like people aren't enjoying it, so it makes me think what's the point in adding when people don't seem to like seeing it any more?

Anyway, moan over.. Just wanted you all to know why I haven't been adding much. Hope you're all well :)


Journal Entry: Sun Jul 22, 2012, 4:28 PM

Unfortunately I have to update this journal with some more sad news. Yesterday I found out that one of the fox cubs was found dead in my neighbours garden. I believe the cub is 'Red', who was actually the most dominant cub and the largest. He looked very healthy so why he suddenly died I don't know... I can't believe we've lost another cub in the same week... Red was a sweet fox, he came to see us everyday, I'll miss him lots too, RIP little guy :tears: :heart:
(The bottom image shows Red & Poppy)
27th July

As many of you knew, one of my fox cubs, Poppy, was quite unwell with a prolapse. Well yesterday we managed to capture her in a trap and took her to the wildlife vets. Unfortunately her injuries were too much and Poppy had to be put to sleep... :(

Although I know it was what is best for her I already miss her, she was a very sweet little fox..

RIP Poppy, you're already missed :heart:
21st July

Poppy & Red:

Bad fox cub news

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 8, 2012, 11:54 AM

* * * Edit * * *

Thanks to those who have donated, I now have enough money and so have ordered enough to treat all of the foxes :D :D I can't say thanks enough to those have helped, it means a lot and I'm sure the cubs will feel so much better when it arrives! Here is a feature of those that helped... :hug:

What pretty eyes you have... by solariahues Welcome to Wales by gee231205 Stretch by solariahues
'Whuzzat?' by MilesKjeller Deep within the Daisies by gee231205 Foxy Nose-Lick by MilesKjeller
Shining Jewel by Chikrata Standing Proud by Chikrata

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to give a bit of an update on the fox cubs. I'm sure my watchers from last year will realise there is a lot less fox cub pictures this year compared to last year, well there is a reason for this.

Unfortunately one of the cubs, named 'poppy', has had a prolapse... I wont go into too much detail as it's not very nice. But she's not very well.. We've tried to catch her but it's just not possible really. So we've been feeding her to help her out (as she's half the size of the others). She's been like this just over two weeks with no improvement, however today she does look a little better. Apparently the problem can fix itself, but whether it will or not I don't know. Will just have to keep an eye on her and will update as I can.

Another problem that we've discovered is mange.. I'm sure most of you will know about this with foxes, it's basically a mite that makes that scratch all their fur off and makes the skin go flakey and hurt. It also causes the bones to ache and swell which can stop the fox using their paws. Well yesterday we found one of them has stopped using his back and front paw on the right size. There is no cut or anything, so I'm sure it's the mange causing it to hurt. The others have the mange quite bad too, especially poppy. :(

We can actually treat the mange with a dose in some food for a little while, however the medication costs £5 per fox, and we have 6 cubs and mum and dad, so that's £40. Unfortunately I don't have £40 to spend, I can buy two bottles to help the worst two, however they'll just get reinfected by the others, so it will only make them feel better for a few months.

I don't like to ask for money or anything, but this isn't for me, it's for the cubs. So I have made a donation page if anyone could help, even £1 would make a difference and help the cubs out. Having it this bad at a young age isn't a good start for them.. :( If you can make a donation the link is here ->…

If you don't want to donate I understand, but maybe you could check my website out and make an order as I would of course use this money for the foxes too.

Sorry for the sad journal everyone, but I like to keep you guys updated.


Journal Entry: Tue Jun 26, 2012, 4:12 PM

Hey everyone,

Just want to apologise again for being so inactive, I had my exhibition to sort out which was a lot more work then originally thought! However we got it all done in the end! It was a very weird experience having my work up on the wall and seeing and haring people talking about it without knowing it's my work. I really enjoyed the experience though and everyone I spoke to really enjoyed my work, the exhibition actually got extended an extra three weeks as it's going so well! As well as this I invited a local gallery owner along and after seeing my work she wants to have some of it up in her gallery! So I'm really excited about that, hopefully this could be the start or something :) Here is a shot of my work up on the wall:

Exhibition work by Alannah-Hawker

Photo wise, now the exhibition is over I will be adding some shots taken for that series, so expect British Wildlife photos. As well as this on Monday I'm heading back to Skomer Island with SnowPoring & Chikrata to see the puffins! Last time I went I really enjoyed it, so I'm sure I will this time too, I'm just hoping for good weather!!

Also I might be going to the London Dev meet this Saturday in London with FantasticFennec & ERB20, though I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it yet. Is anyone else heading up to the meet too?


Journal Entry: Fri May 18, 2012, 8:01 AM

Hey everyone, how are you all?

Sorry for not being very active lately, I feel like I've really abandoned DA and all my watchers. I just feel I haven't really been moving forward much on DA lately... Lots of people I know well on here haven't been logging in, and just feel like I'm not improving, so yeah, little demotivated on DA...

It's coming to the end of my photography course and we're having a small exhibition (anyone in the Surrey area welcome!), so all of my motivation has been put into getting the best shots for that and getting them printed and mounted, feeling good about the prints, going to get them printed A2 so they should look good. Hopefully after that is done I'll be way more active on DA.

Onto the foxes.. the weather in the UK has been pretty awful to say the least. This has meant the cubs haven't come out really, which means they're less used to me, which means it's a lot harder to get shots, which is why I haven't really uploaded any shots of them. They've also moved out from under my shed, but I still see them. Oh, and one of my videos of the cubs was shown on TV on channel 4 (foxes live), so that was pretty damn cool :)

DA finally allowed user name changes too, yay! I've been dying to change mine forever, so very pleased with that, looks much more professional now. Not much else going on.. Just want to say thanks again for all the birthday messages, much appreciated!! :D

Now I'll try and get some shots together to add!

Lens + Pond + Foxes Updates.

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 17, 2012, 10:02 AM

Hi all,

I'll start with the bad news. When photographing the fox cubs on Friday, my 100-400mm lens broke. The image started jumping around in the viewfinder when nothing was moving. I took the lens in for repair, the news was that the Image Stabilisation unit in the lens had broken (apparently very easily done, as even the weight of the lens on it's own can break it!). This means the lens needs to go back to Canon for repair. This means I'm without lens for a while, which couldn't have come at a worse time, not only have the cubs started coming out, but it's my final year and final project on my photography course, so being without a lens isn't really an option. Luckily SnowPoring is lending me a lens so I can finish my final project. My lens will be at Canon for some weeks getting repaired, the final cost for it is £310 :( So if anyone was ever thinking of buying a print of some kind, now would be a good time! lol. But seriously, please contact me if you where thinking of it :)

In other news the cubs seem to be doing well, the most I've seen together is still 6, though a part of me thinks there might be 7 for some reason. I've made a play list on YouTube where I will keep adding videos, for those of you who don't use YouTube, you can just bookmark this page and check from time to time. I recently added a new video of mum with the cubs. Here is the play list:… . As well as this Jo (FantasticFennec) came over and got some shots of the cubs & lizards, here is one of her shots:

Baby Blue by FantasticFennec

Onto better news, as my lovely facebook followers will know, I recently dug and built a pond in my garden for wildlife. When Jo came over, she gave us some tadpoles and newts, it's really cool seeing them swimming round in there :) Hopefully this should help all kinds of wildlife in the garden, and I'm hoping in the summer it will be a bit more established and encourage dragonflies, which I'd love to get some photos of  :D Here is a shot when I finished the pond...

2012 fox cubs ?

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 11, 2012, 3:30 PM

Hey everyone,

Title kind of gives away what I'm about to say, doesn't it?

We've been watching the shed in our garden for about a month now, there was some digging going on which made us think the foxes where making a den under there, however the activity soon disappeared and we saw no more foxes going under the shed (even with my camera trap out all night) ... So I had given up hope with foxes under there, and just hoped we had fox cubs next door again, like last year.

I knew if there where fox cubs, now is the time they'd start appearing, so I got everyone to keep an eye on the garden, just in case. Today we spotted something but weren't too sure what it was. So I set my camera trap up, and left it to do it's thing.

Well, check out the results yourself below:

Video 1 -

Video 2 -


In other news, off to search for woodpeckers tomorrow with FantasticFennec & ERB20 Should be lots of fun, just hope we find some woodpeckers now! :)


Happy Birthday Julia!

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 7, 2012, 3:38 PM

Today is Velvet-Paws birthday, so I want to wish her a great birthday! Here is some of her amazing work...

:party:Happy Birthday Julia! :party:


Dream Time by Velvet-Paw Rolling by Velvet-Paw Emerald Eyed Beauty by Velvet-Paw
High Altitude Wanderer by Velvet-Paw Dreamy Day by Velvet-Paw Animal Instinct by Velvet-Paw
Miss Curious by Velvet-Paw Into the Blue by Velvet-Paw


Busy, busy, busy!

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 14, 2012, 2:23 PM

Hey everyone,

I'm near the end of my photography course now, which means I'm onto my last project, which counts for a lot of the grade I will get. For this project I'm focusing on 'Threatened UK wildlife'. I've got lots of animals on my list to go around and look for, got some places to go check out too. Today I went to the London wetlands centre in search of Kingfishers/water voles/woodpeckers. Unfortunately most of the lakes where all frozen up, which meant none of the wildlife really wanted to come out. I got some other birds shot during the day (none I can use for my project though). Then at the end of the day I caught a glimpse of a beautiful green woodpecker! I was really happy to finally see it, however my 400mm lens just wasn't long enough to get a decent photo of it, as I had feared.

Bit worried I may bump into this problem quite a bit in this project due to the birds being very small in the frame. I've been thinking a teleconverter would solve this problem, as I'm not that far off. However my final photos will be going up in a small exhibition, and I'm wanting to print them quite big, so cropping isn't really an option. Again pointing to a teleconverter being the best option. However I can't afford to buy one,  and renting one isn't much of an option because I'll need it quite a bit and the costs will mount up :( So not sure what i'll do about that! Anyone want to lend me one? lol.

Anyway, the point of this journal was to say I'm not sure how active I'll be, I may be more active due to having more pictures. Not totally sure, but expect some more British wildlife shots to come! :) Here is the woodpecker shot:


Happy Birthday Jo! *Lighting update*

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 29, 2012, 5:37 PM

*Random Update because I don't want to make a new journal*

Does anyone know much about lighting? I want to buy some *cheap* lights to take pictures of cats/dogs in front of a backdrop. Though I'm not sure how much light/power I need, also which would be better, umbrellas or soft boxes? I also want to buy continuous lights, not flash (don't want to scare the animals) and all the ones I look at say things like "125W (525W Equiv)" This bit confuses me, any help please anyone?

I want to wish a big  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my good friend Jo! Here is a selection of some of her beautiful work...

:party:Happy Birthday Jo! :party:


Power by FantasticFennec Infectious Smile by FantasticFennec Unsuspecting Victim by FantasticFennec
Fattie by FantasticFennec Tyto Alba by FantasticFennec Alice by FantasticFennec
Red Panda by FantasticFennec Hawk in Profile by FantasticFennec Silent Death by FantasticFennec


Scar *Update 2*

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 16, 2012, 6:52 AM

Hello everyone,

I'm sure you saw my picture of scars leg. I just want to say thanks to everyone for the support and care for scar :heart:

After checking the RSPCA website and Wildlife Aid, both say that if the fox can still walk (which Scar can) then you should feed the fox and monitor them to see if they get any better/worse. If they get worse then a vet should be contacted. I've bought vitamin enriched food, as suggested by Wildlife Aid, so hopefully this should help him keep his strength up and get better. The only problem is we actually have two foxes, both with scars in the same place (weird), one male and one female ('Scarlet'). So I will have to try and make sure it's Scar getting the food..

* * * Edit 1 * * *

Monday: I got some videos of Scar walking, the quality isn't amazing due to very low light, but here they are anyway:… &…

Tuesday: Scar came very late and very briefly, he hid his back leg the whole time so I didn't get to see how the cut was looking. I think he may be walking a little better on it, not 100% sure though.

* * * Edit 2 * * *

Friday: I've just been out with the foxes in the garden.. One appeared and was eating the food left out. It was very dark (only had the light from an outside light to see) so it was very hard to see the leg. While the fox was in the garden another one appeared, there was a small scene with the two wagging their tails at each other, but then they both relaxed. The second fox that was in the garden had a little look around then left again. I'm presuming this one was Scarlet, as it came fairly close to me, however I couldn't see clearly. The original fox came back over to me and carried on eating, I thought I saw the cut on the leg, and judging by the tail, I was pretty sure it was Scar. I watched how he was walking and there was no sign of him holding his leg up when standing or walking. When trotting there was also no sign of a limp. However when running I saw he was still not using it at all, this confirmed it was Scar. He is back to his usual self though, trotting round the garden! Back to his usual speed too, he was very slow when the cut was fresh. So all in all it looks very good. He seems to be feeling much better. I will still be keeping an eye on him to make 100% sure, but it looks like he's going to be completely fine!!

Some shots of my beautiful Scar...

Fox Cub 02 by Alannah-Hawker Fox Cub 04 by Alannah-Hawker Fox Cub 10 by Alannah-Hawker
Fox Cub 12 by Alannah-Hawker Scar 01 by Alannah-Hawker Scar 02 by Alannah-Hawker


Journal Entry: Wed Oct 26, 2011, 2:46 PM

Hi everyone,

Possibly the shortest journal ever, but... Is it just me or has DA gone really quiet lately?? Where has everyone gone? Talk to me people, my inbox is strangely empty!

Going to do a Halloween shoot with the lizards in the next few days, if anyone has any ideas please let me know, my brain has stopped working lately.

More black and white shots to come, if you all want them?


Into the Blue by Velvet-Paw :thumb257572702: Puffin with Capelin 2 by FForns Jump by Olga5

Fighting Blue Wildebeest by Kbulder My Hat by SnowPoring Chameleon by DeEtta

Go give them some love.

I love my watchers stamp by violetsteel Licks Are Lovely Stamp by CatharsisJB alannahily stamp by Snowy-Ninja Leopard Gecko by Alannah-Hawker :thumb74925461: