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The Warrior

This was done as a speed painting exercise just for fun.
It was done within a few hours in photoshop.
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"A speed-paint exercise" he says. "Just for fun" he says, and yet we are all put to shame. :-)
I normally prefer fewer clothes! :) But you have captured the power and menace of this warrior. He is a real force on the battlefield and the helmet, weapon and skin stand out in a remarkable way. Brilliant work!
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Balgruff the greater of whiterun?

he is cool but really he does heavily remind me of skyrim's Balgruff the Greater
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alanlathwell, i wanted to inquire if i may use this image as a cover art for my single promo track that i am about to release, i find this piece relevant with the theme of the track. Credits will be given to you for this piece. 
please let me know -
great work..
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Hi ardon, I'm really sorry but I'm going to have to say no. As a professional illustrator I need to keep my images available for legitimate purchase, to give permission would jeopardise future sales potential and complicate copyright agreements. I hope you understand my reasons.

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great stuff ! keep working hard !
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Thank you pancho!!:)
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beautiful, in a kind of fierce way.
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I would like to use this in a card game I am making for myself. I can't pay you as this card game is not for profit, however, I can identify you as the illustrator. I will show you a copy of the card upon request. With your permission, and if the production of these cards it cheap enough for me, I will give you a copy of the actual printed card. Message me when you get the chance.
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Very nicely done! I like the other work in your gallery as well!
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is it good or evil??? epic...
For got to give love.
I signed up for a Deviant account just for this:

I've been using this image as my online avatar for over a year now. I found it by chance and never really looked into where it came from, what it was for, etc. In fact, this image has defined quite a bit of my play-style in medieval/fantasy games and I even started writing a bit of lore for him (He's known by the name of his rod, 'Shieldbreaker')

Anyhoo, hope you don't mind me using it :D
Why isn't this in a musem? I mean for God's sake if a canvis with paint splattered on it can be art why not this? Why doesn't the main stream art recorgnise fantasy based art as a form of art? It just doesn't make any BEEPing sinse!
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I really like his helmet. Also the pose is very epic. Wonderful artwork. Well done! :D
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Wohou!!! Cool!
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Your skills are brilliant.
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