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Airship Station Building 1

3ds max, vray, photoshop

A month long project for the Queen of the Rocketmen Challenge on CGSociety. I worked with a team on the whole project but my part was the building/environment and final composition. The Airship was modeled by Giorgio Luciano. To View the work in progress thread [link]

I a very proud of this piece and well worth all the time that went into the modeling and post photoshop work I put in, hope all you enjoy the pieces.

Back View of this piece [link]
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Are you sure this station isn't another way to Rapture.
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Gorgeous beyond words!
Stunning. Wonderful building design.
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I don't think you need me to tell you how beautiful this is. My only thought is I wish it had more colors to it but it looks great.
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Outstanding! :clap:
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You're featured in my journal [link]
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Magnificent! Very retro-scifi and steampunkey!
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thanks I love that style.
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Looks great.
Good luck in the contest.
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I think the design of the building itself is very impressive, it's an interesting concept and the modeling is really well done. A lot of smooth curves that mesh seamlessly into flat surfaces and corners, it's clear there's a lot of details in the building. I'm not sure how much of the environment you did but it also looks well done. I don't have much critique to give, other than I think the building and ships could use some color besides the bronze look it all has... but on the other hand it gives it a favorable sepia-toned, dark theme. Bravo.
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corrected link sorry for progression shots of the piece and wire [link]
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Oh duh! Ignore my comment that it needed more texture variety then, I was thinking of it in the context of a finished scene. Still I should've noticed that it was for the Queen of the Rocketmen challenge--it really suits the style in that sense. Reminds me of rocketeer :)

Those other images you linked to really show the amount of detail in that building, it does it more justice. There's even more finite details that aren't as clear in these renders.
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Thanks I loved designing the building. I did everything you see in the picture except for the base model of the airship that was done by Giorgio Luciano and it was a modeling challenge so textures and colors where done for the final beauty render. I wanted to keep it simple since the voting they would not count textures. Here is some progression shots of the piece plus wires [link] Original building sketch I did [link]
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This is incredible!!!
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Absolutely stunning lady :) your best work to date!
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I agree I think I am going to back to some of my other pieces and spend more time on them.
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Great job Alanise! I love the station and the waterfall underneath. The colours are great and the BG is just awesome!
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thanks, I think I might load up spore finally on my new computer
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