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The Hos-Blethan Affair



From the book by John F. Carr and Wolfgang Diehr, commissioned and published by Pequod Press 2013.

Based on the Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen series, started by H. Beam Piper, this depicts a timeline parallel to the "Siege of Tarr-Hostigos" timeline (art in this gallery), set in an alternate European medieval world, in North America, c. 1500.

The Paratime police of the future, are keeping track of various timelines at Dhergabar (another art in this gallery) and keep the peace thoughout space and time. The drone on the upper left keeps watch.

Here, the "Feast of Robinos" is taking place in the forest. An enemy patrol comes upon the strange feast, which appears to be attended by ghosts of the dead, killed in past battles, and, presided over by a cult of wolf headed men, and a giant king...

And when a soldier steps forward to interrupt the feast-he is done away with-seemingly with magic-but, is it magic, or is the whole scene just a ruse? Whatever the case, it has the enemy in a running panic...
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