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Commissioned by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman 1996, for the card came "Wing Commander"

I did about 10 small illustrations for the card game, with various celestial effects, that might affect the outcome of the game.

This was the only one I ever scanned from the original art.

It's been many years, but my understanding is that a collapsed star-burnt out and becoming more dense, emits electromagnetic radiation (the blue streaks) and, spins very fast, with the light (the eruption in orange) "pulsing" as it spins.

There may be other more accurate depictions, but this was done just for fun, so I'm not interested in the specifics. Just the wonder of outer space...

Gouache on masonite, 7" x 10"
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I am fascinated by your paintings of outer space. I love learning about everything to do with the universe and your beautiful paintings take my breath away.
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