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Paratime Trouble



Cover for the book by John F. Carr, commissioned and published by Pequod Press, 2014

In this post apocalyptic story, Special Paratime Police Chief Verkan Vall, in charge of various timelines, of the alternate universe world of Dhergabar (painting in this gallery) is in trouble. His wife Dalla, who is also an agent, was sent to the "Beria" earth timeline, in which Beria, once head of the Soviet KGB, takes control from Khrushchev in 1953.

Now, it's Oct. 14 1962, and the Cuban Missile Crisis is in full swing, but this time, the Soviets aren't backing down...

Verkan, and special agent Ranthar Jard, are sent, to New York City, to find Dalla. They discover she's 80 miles northeast, in Connecticut, and now, must fight against the conditions of a nuclear war that has devastated the city.

Going below ground in the Subway system, they must fight their way through gangs, vigilante groups, militias, their own disagreements and betrayals amongst themselves, to make it to safety...
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