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Friends Everlasting


Seriously, though, they're so sweet and adorable and d;afj;klfja AWW. Love love love them. :D And the fact that their species are close friends... <3

What I don't love is that, in SC3, all the Supox die, and the Utwig kinda go "Oh what a shame MOVING ON NOW." *Headdesk* Aaaaargh NO WONDER SC3 ISN'T COUNTED AS CANON >(

All aliens are from Star Control 2, which was produced by Toys For Bob and is freely available for Mac, PC, and Linux here. Play it, you'll love it!

[Tinted sumi-e ink on watercolor paper.]
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I love this. The watercolors just makes this perfect.
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If I recall, only the Supox in the quadrant that SC3 took place in had been exterminated. They were still around back on Vlik and stuff.
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Ha, I've never played SC3, only watched videos of some of the conversations.

That was enough to convince me to never play SC3. :P
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The conversations (and Melee) were the best part of SC3. Some of the puppets might not have been very convincing, but the voice work is downright brilliant. Especially the Orz. They seem a thousand times more sinister, just as they should be, than in SC2.

All in all, SC3 wasn't a bad game at all. It just... wasn't SC2, which is why there's so much internet hate for it.
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.....unless you took too long and they died in the Death March. D:
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Galactic BFFs 'yo. :D

Very lovely use of medium to convey the mood.

And yes, screw SC3. Killers of adorable sentient plant races. ;-;

...a-although i kinda liked the voice/design changes for the Utwig and the Orz, IRONICALLY ENOUGH :U Plus you get the sense the Orz were totally going to betray you in the TFB canon, as well.....

Muuuuuust +fav. THE ULTRON COMPELS ME.
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SUPOX ^_________^

They need more love damnit. Sentient plants ftw.

And this picture is bloody cute. ^^
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Hell yeah~ they're pretty much made of cute and awesomewin, after all. XD

Heehee, thank you~
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Oh, this is lovely. Well-executed watercoloring, especially on the Utwig garb. The Supox face is very expressive. I love that eye. Great work. :)
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Nicely made. I like the style applied, and the dimensions given to the aliens. They're true to the form of the game, and well balanced with the lighting and arrangement on the picture.

The picture, though, looks like a love story. But it;'s good nonetheless.
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